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Twenty artifacts. . .

Twenty lives changed. . .

Eleven missing. . .

Only two asked for the fate they received.

The remaining eighteen are feared by the government and idolized by society.

Super. Heroes.

Clementine and Jack merely want to live as close to normal lives as they possibly can, and they’ve found a man who they believe can offer that to them. Not only does he promise to find cures for their “powers,” but he offers a retirement plan as well!

But the question remains: is it possible for a super hero to live a normal life away from the public eye?

Rehab for Superheroes says yes, but at a price: the artifacts that made them who they are must be destroyed. And so they must track them down, one at a time, before someone else collects all twenty.

Paperback includes: Crimson Mistress, Jack, Em, and Dakota

Also Bonus Chapter from Upcoming Full Length Novel!


“Who helped you escape, Jesse? I know you weren’t capable on your own. I saw your cell – it would have held both of us without difficulty. I know because I helped them design it.”

“Now, my invitation specifically said no shop talk,” Jesse’s eyes darkened for a moment at the mention of his prison, but the merriment quickly returned to his face.

“Well what were you just talking about?”

“That was merely reminiscing. That’s all. But you’ve ruined the moment,” he stood, startling Jack. “Would you like some coffee or tea? Perhaps a glass of scotch?”

“You know I don’t drink.”

“Anymore,” Jesse finished. “You don’t drink anymore. It doesn’t mix so well with the poison that’s now permanently coursing through your veins.”

“I have you to thank for that.”

“And yet you don’t sound grateful. Why is that, Jack? I gave us a wonderful gift.”

“A gift? I have hurt everyone I’ve ever loved. I lost my chance at a life. Thanks to you, I can never go home.”

“You never had a home,” Jesse sneered. “Or don’t you remember your childhood? I remember mine quite vividly. Cliff was a drunk.”


“If you insist. Dad was a drunk.”

“It could have been worse.”

“You never stood up to him like I did.”



“Call it what it truly is. You rebelled. The harder Dad punished you, the more you rebelled. It was easy enough for me to follow his house rules.”

He held his arms out wide. “I can’t help it if I’ve never liked authority.”

“Or rules, or government, or guidelines. . .”

“You say potato. . .”

“I have to go,” Jack stood.

“No! No! Please sit back down! Reminiscing is so much fun!”

“It was good to see you, Jesse. I’d ask you to consider turning yourself in, but I know better.”

Jesse followed him to the door, and then out onto the front porch. “You know, with you being part of a league now, I thought you’d have a nicer car.”

“It’s not a league.”

“Oh, right. He’s promised to cure you.”

“There is no cure for what you did to me, Jesse,” Jack’s voice was quiet and sorrowful.

“In all seriousness, you’re my twin brother, and I love you. But, eventually one of us will kill the other. I know that I’m capable of pulling the trigger. You have to ask yourself, can you?”

Jack turned and walked to his car, ignoring the shouts coming from the front porch.

“Oh come on, Jack! I’m just being honest! Come back and we can talk about it!"

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