Life does not always go as planned.

This is a fact that I know all too well.

I planned to be married in my early 20’s. I planned to be done having children (2-3) by the time I reached my 30th birthday. I planned to be a High School English teacher (having been scared off of Astronomy and Psychology by those employed in the fields). I planned to lead a quiet life, avoiding attention as much as possible.

Life does not always go as planned.

So here’s what my bio ACTUALLY looks like.

After being scared away from teaching high school English by the politics of the educational system, I used my organizational skills to become an Executive Assistant. It was through this job that I found myself sitting at a trade show, attempting to sell folding bikes, and attracting the attention of a highly energetic window and sunroom salesman.

After a series of events that led to me taking a walk around the RV Show with this salesman, I confessed that I was a writer at heart and wished that I could become a published author. The salesman confidently told me that he would like to publish my book.

Fast forward a year and I was engaged to the Salesman who had helped me self publish my first short story, Crimson Mistress.

“This is all well and good” I told him. “But I will never be an entrepreneur like you. I just don’t have the mindset.”

Fast forward another three years and I was a stay at home mom with a preemie son. My Salesman, now husband, had helped me publish several more short stories and my first full length novel. But it didn’t seem to be enough. Something was missing - something that I had sought within the publishing world but couldn’t find. Support.

So I began Support for Indie Authors.

A year later, we hit 5,000 members.

Two years later, we’re at nearly 10,000 members.

Life does not go as planned. Thank God.  

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