When Submitting Books For Review, Please Include The Following: 

  • Title
  • Word Count
  • Brief Synopsis
  • One short paragraph on what inspired you to write your book. 

In addition, I am accepting paperbacks for my Indie Author Bookshelf, but I will only request PDFs from you if your book is chosen. If you prefer to send a paperback, that's no problem, but I don't require it due to shipping costs. 

I will let you know via email whether or not I will be reviewing your book. 

Thank you all for your participation! If you haven't checked out Support for Indie Authors yet, I highly encourage it! 

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Until I catch up on my current To Read list, I will not be adding any books to my list. You're welcome to go ahead and submit them, but I won't be responding until I'm caught up. 

Thank you!