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Marnie Cate

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Fast Facts

  • Author: Marnie Cate
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Book: Remember (Book #1 from Protectors of the Elemental Magic series)
  • Official Site


Marnie Cate was born and raised in Montana before adventuring to the warmer states of Arizona and California.  Her love of Dame Judi Dench and dreams of caticorns and rainbows inspired her to chase her dreams. One great sentence came to mind and the world of elemental magic and the humans they lived amongst filled her mind. With Remember, the story has begun.


Marnie Cate is an active member of indie author groups and loves to help out other authors when she can.


"Hiding the truth from you is no longer protecting you. 
Sit and I will tell you what you need to know"

With those words, the secrets of my great grandmother, Genevieve Silver, were unburied and my role as a protector of the elemental magic was revealed.

My name is Marina Addisyn Stone but Mara is what my friends and family call me.  I had always felt that there was something missing and that nothing was permanent. Why would I feel that way?  I was being raised with my little sister by my grandmother that loved and doted on me. Then, there was Cole Sands. Who could forget the blue-eyed boy that had stolen my heart. What more could a girl need?  I always thought I was just being dramatic and that bad things do happen to people but that is part of life.  People die.  People go away. Little did I know that with one secret, my life would change forever and my new world would be surrounded by the world of elemental magic.

 Book Review

Great book with strong descriptive writing.

This is a great story with lots of unexpected twists, focusing on the ties of family and the responsibility that comes with great powers, in this case the power to wield devastating magic. The best part of the book, however is the author's ability to describe tastes, smells, sounds, sights and feelings so vividly. From the smell and wild berries cooking on the stove to the sight of magic tendrils wrapping around our protagonist, everything is described so clearly that you can easily imagine yourself there in the action. Can't wait for the next part. - Review by Travis West on April 8, 2015

Read an Excerpt

 "Open the chest, love. It is time you learn who we are and what is inside," Gram gently said and handed me the box. "This box was given to me by my mother. Each of the names on this chest promised to keep the ancient magic safe from those who would misuse it."

I traced the names with my fingertip. The name Genevieve felt warm and felt like a song. Tracing my grandmother's name, I felt the same warmth and feeling of peace. When I moved to the next name below Gram's, I stopped and stared. Eliza was written. This name was not warm like the other two. It felt like ice and made my heart start beating fast.

"Why would her name feel so cold? Does it mean she is dead, Gram?" I whispered.

"Open the chest and you will have answers to your questions," she persuaded, unable to hide the sadness in her voice.

I carefully opened the box and it glowed with a lavender light that lit up the room. Deep inside the box resting on a satin bed, there was a light blue ring. The robin egg blue stone was surrounded by braided silver that looked as though it was an egg inside its nest. Picking up the ring, I held it in my hand.

Looking back into the chest that held the stone ring, I saw a dark haired woman smiling as she placed a purple ring on her finger. The ring looked like the one I was holding, yet, its stone was different in color. The deep blue to red images moved so quickly that I began to feel dizzy as I watched.

When the next image came, it slowed and I gasped as I recognized the next woman. It was my grandmother. She was a teenager with long brown hair pulled into a delicate braid. The braid had beautiful white flowers laced throughout the twist of her hair. Her soft brown eyes shined as she held a deep blue ring in front of her and said, "I promise to always protect this magic and use it to protect and guide and never use for self-benefit."

The first woman appeared before me and spoke in strong voice as she looked deeply into my eyes, "Marina Addisyn Stone, do you promise to protect this magic from those who would misuse it? Will you stand strong and protect the magic when the time comes?"

Michelle Murray

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Fast Facts:

  • Author: Michelle Murray
  • Genre: YA fantasy, poetry
  • Book:
  • The dream Walker from the land of Mystica Series
  • The dream Walker Returns from the land of Mystica Series
  • Ichra's Quest
  • Rainbows and Dreams: A collection of Poetry
  • Official Site


I am a working mother of two young men. I started writing in high school. When not writing, I enjoy reading, doing crafts, painting, and going for walks.

Author accomplishments

I recently won Poet of the year. Several of my poems have won awards and been published in various anthologies.

Book blurb for the Dream Walker Series:

Miranda is an average college student until the dreams come. Follow her and her dreams on her quest to save The white wizards from their stone prisons. Each book follows a different quest to free a different white wizard.

Book Blurb for Ichra's Quest

Ichra has turned 14 and must find his magic stone in the Ice Caves. Travel with him as he travels the dangers of the Ice Caves.

Review for Dream Walker:

4.0 out of 5 stars The Dream Walker. February 23, 2015
By Pennie Mae Cartawick. Author of the Sherlock Holmes book series TOP
500 REVIEWER Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

When it comes to a world of fantasy and magic where sword and sorcery takes hold, this is where it all starts. In this epic YA adventure, a dark wizard conjures up a black spell to trap his fellow wizards inside stones. A young boy Mortimer who lives in the land of Mystica finds one of these stones in a river and hides it, keeping  it for himself. Because he didn't follow suit and turn it over to the Goddess as law requires, he in turn releases a dark wizard named 'Midnight' whom is bent on power and ruling the land. A favorite place to be for children as they plummet into the pages of 'The Dream Walker', a well deserved mystical journey. A place in time from another world that envelopes dragons, wizards, and fairytale belief where strange powers corrupt to ignite a kingdom of good Vs evil. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to read the next installment in the 'Land of Mystica Series'. I was given a copy for evaluation and an unbiased review.

Review for Dream Walker Returns:

5.0 out of 5 stars Thumbs up! November 29, 2014
By Maggie
Format:Kindle Edition
Author Michelle Murray writes a fun and magic filled story in The Dream Walker Returns. I don't usuallyread adventure stories but I finished the whole book in one sitting! It's complete with magical creatures, a love story, betrayal, magic and a lovable heroine. Miranda had to go back once again to Mystica after saving it in The Dream Walker. Evil threatens to take over the land and she is called to save it a second time. Thedream walker is tasked to heed the call of a person with a good heart needing help and she comes only every couple of thousand years. Miranda finds the assistance she needs from unlikely allies as she struggles with the huge responsibility of saving a magical world and its people.Recommended for teenagers and anyone who loves fantasy adventure.

Review for Ichras Quest:

Mar 21, 2015 Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm) rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: author, short-story, review, fantasy
Thanks to Michelle Lee Murray for giving me this book to review. When the Ice people turn 14 they go on a quest to find a magical stone, and it is now Ichra’s turn. But there are many perils in the ice caves including ice quakes and unusualcreatures. Will he be able to find his stone and make his way home? Ichra’s Quest is an enjoyable short story set in the same world as The Dream Walker Series. Ichra wants to prove himself but also wants to see the rest of the world and have adventures like hi Thanks to Michelle Lee Murray for giving me this book to review. When the Ice people turn 14 they go on a quest to find a magical stone, and it is now Ichra’s turn. But there are many perils in the ice caves including ice quakes and unusual creatures. Will he be able to find his stone and make his way home? Ichra’s Quest is an enjoyable short story set in the same world as The Dream Walker Series. Ichra wants to prove himself but also wants to see the rest of the world and have adventures like his father. A sweet story that I would recommend to those who have read the rest of the Land of Mystica series.

Review for Rainbows and Dreams:

5.0 out of 5 stars A vivid word word tapestry April 2, 2015
By Diane Paxton
Format:Kindle Edition
Rainbows and Dreams is an eclectic and evocative collection of poetry that is uplifting, thoughtful, insightful,  and plaintive. In her straightforward style Michelle Murray weaves a rich tapestry of words that will resonate with readers of her work. Loss, hope, heroes, warriors, fair maidens, dreams, and all the colors of the rainbow are packed into these verses. These verses will nourish your heart and soul. Highly  recommended.

Book expert Dream Walker:

Miranda found herself standing in the middle of a field with knee-high grass and flowers of different colors. The flowers were bright and colorful in shades of purple, blue and green that Miranda had never seen before. The field was all around her, with nothing else to see. No people, no animals, no signs of water, nothing was around her except the tall grass for what seemed like miles and miles. Miranda looked up and saw two suns in the sky; she thought maybe she wasdreaming again. But, she could feel the grass, and the heat from the suns. Before she could even move to start walking, an arrow shot through the air. It struck a black wolf-like creature that had been ready to attack her from the grass. Miranda had not even seen or heard the creature. Miranda could now see the large fangs and claws as the creature fell right next to her.

Review for Dream Walker Returns:

The Darkness was a living thing. It waited. It had all the time in the world. Yet, it was starting to get restless. It wanted to  be out in the world again. It wanted to be slithering into cracks, covering all light, dousing sparks of hope and   happiness. It grew on misery and pain. It knew little of the changes of the world, and cared less. Wizards, kings, and people they all came and went. The dragons were older, and less prone to its wanderings. The Darkness only knew of two  things, to grow and feed. To do this, it needed to slither and strengthen. It needed to be in the world again. It had been  here since the beginning. It would be here until the end, if even just a small amount like it was now. The Darkness had never been this small for this long. It itched to grow. It yearned to hear the screams and feel the pains of the humans as it worked its path through the world.

As if in answer to its thoughts, the Darkness heard a  spell. The spell attached him to a wizard. It was not the entrance or  introduction to the world it was hoping for, but it was a start. That was all the Darkness needed, a start. A way to get into the world once more.

Review for Ichra's Quest:

Ichra was about to go on his Ice Quest. He was small, even for an Ice Person. He was barely two feet tall! No matter how much he ate, he just did not grow. He did not let his small size stop him, though. He explored the Ice Caves, played games of hide and seek with his fellow Ice People, and helped carve out more passageways in the Ice Caves. He was the only son of parents who doted on him. His father had taken his magic “seeking” stone to aid the King in his quest to find and kill the remnant of Midnight’s army.

Excerpt from Rainbows and Dreams:

Escape Drift Drift Away

Fly Fly Fly away

In the puffy white clouds

Of the sky Blow Blow away

Glide Glide Glide away

On the wings

Of butterflies

Huff Huff away

Soar Soar Soar away

With the noisy engines

Of a commercial plane

Sigh Sigh away

Fall Fall Fall away

From the snowy top

Of Mt. Everest

Cry Cry away

Write Write Write away

Sorrows and pain

To get through another day

Deidre Mapstone

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Just the Facts

  • Author: Deidre Mapstone
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Book: Sigrun of the Bandamann Saga
  • Official Site


Deidre Mapstone grew up in Rochester, New York. She's a city girl who spent her summers on Canandaigua Lake. She had the best of both worlds, and a most cheery childhood.

She married her high school sweetheart right out of college, and a few years later started their family. They now have three children, the first to soon attend college.

Being busy raising three children, Deidre didn't discover writing as an occupation until later. She wrote things throughout her life, but didn't think she'd ever have anything published. That is, until self publishing came along.

The self publishing world opened up possibilities to Deidre that before, she just thought of as dreams and ideas.

With encouragement from her writing daughter and her husband, Deidre wrote a dream down that spun into a story and blossomed into her first novel, Sigrun, the Bandamann Saga.

She has discovered and fallen in love with the world of writing, and hopes to bring many of her ideas to others!


The Lundgrens own and operate Sigrun:

A family restaurant on the shores of Mount Desert Island, Maine. They are a hard working, every day, American family. But like every family, they have their secrets, some stranger than others. The way these secrets unfold may surprise you.

Their tale begins with a familial ease considered unique to most, but their seemingly perfect relationships are ordinary compared to what hides beneath the surface.