Obstacles -- A Rant

Each weekend I put together my to do list for the following week. A list of everything I would like to accomplish. Let’s be honest, on Sunday when you’ve got the whole week ahead of you, you feel pretty ambitious – at least I do.

I am always so confident that I can easily handle my writing projects, my household chores, my personal projects (quilts and remodeling), my business matters, and still manage to shower, have dinner ready by 6PM, and my son ready for bed by 7PM.

Some of you are already laughing. It’s okay. As I reread what I’ve just written, I find myself laughing too. Let’s examine what’s wrong with my weekly plan of attack.

First of all, waking up is just so hard! Each night my husband and I set various alarms for 5AM and 6AM, convinced one of us will be able to get up and wake the other. In over a year, we have yet to make this happen even once. If one of us does happen to rise before the sun, it’s because we haven’t been able to sleep at all and we finally get up because we’re tired of staring at the ceiling. And even then we’re not exactly in the mood to gently and lovingly wake the other one up and offer to start coffee and breakfast. Those are more of warm up some leftover coffee from the previous day and eat a bowl of cereal type of mornings.

Then there is my handsome, adorable, hilarious, and insane son. He is completely insane. While he is awake, he demands 100% of my focus. The moments when he only receives 90% or so of my focus are the times when I find him sitting in a puddle of water after having dumped the bird’s spray bottle all over himself, or happily munching away on some (apparently delicious) dog food, or laying on top of the cat as she stares back at him in increasing irritation.

My son takes two naps during the day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. These can range anywhere from half an hour to two and a half hours long. And we never know which it’s going to be. It’s during these two nap periods that I try to accomplish EVERYTHING. I pick up the house (knowing full well that he’ll destroy it again when he wakes up) start laundry, do dishes, check all my social media and online stores, shower, plan dinner, and then as soon as I start to write, he wakes up.

Then there is the bird. My husband and I purchased the two month old parrotlet to be our baby before we found out that we were going to have an actual baby. So now the bird has entered his toddler phase and doesn’t understand why we don’t spend time with him. His natural reaction is to shriek at the top of his lungs when I leave the room or lay my son down for a nap.

Throw on top of that all of the typical dilemmas that writers face such as writer’s block, negative reviews that make us question our abilities, writing blogs and social media updates when we should be working on plots and character development, sheer exhaustion, and the need to occasionally eat and leave the house in an attempt to salvage whatever shred of sanity I have left, not to mention my desire to actually spend time with the man I so lovingly said “I Do” to when he returns home each evening, and it creates the perfect storm. I’m honestly shocked I managed to complete and publish one full length book.

There’s a full blog of excuses for you, in case you need a few of your own. (It may sound like I'm angry, but am really closer to amused. Rereading all of this, I realize that I may actually be a super hero. . .)

photo credit: .oskar via photopin cc