Ramblings of an Undiscovered Author

There is a long list of pros and cons when it comes to self-publishing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it for yourself, for a source of extra income, or you’re striving to make it as a full time author with day dreams of movie or sitcom rights.

Getting word out into the wild west of the web is a difficult and, at times, daunting task. We start with social media. We might even pay for a little extra advertising. But at the end of the day, it rarely feels like enough.

Sometimes you stumble across someone who fully understands this struggle and has made it their mission to help. Through Support Indie Authors, I met Matthew Wooding, a man who feels that Indie Authors are not getting the publicity that they deserve.

He recently started a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing these Indie Authors. After emailing back and forth a few times (and after I finally caught up on emails and the insanity that my children have brought upon me this summer), I had a chance to briefly interview Matthew and get a bit more information about his channel and how he’d like to see it grow.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where are you now?

My name is Matthew Wooding and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I spent 12 years living in Ontario, Canada, where I attended university, met my wife, and froze during the winters. We have lived in West Yorkshire, England since 2013.

2) Explain the concept of Ramblings of an Undiscovered Author to us. What led you to creating it?

The concept is to give a voice to indie authors and provide an outlet where readers can discover them. It was my own frustration at not being able to get my books promoted and into the hands of readers that led me to creating the YouTube channel.

3) What has been your greatest inspiration for embarking on this endeavor?

Can frustration be an inspiration? I reached out to countless blogs, vlogs, and publications looking for reviews. In the end, having someone get back to me, even to decline, almost felt like a victory.

4) What’s your ultimate goal through all of this?

My hope is that each author who features, and their family and friends who watch them on the channel, subscribe and continue to watch and discover the authors that follow them. Over time this will hopefully create a community of individuals who support each other and promote each other's work, and in the end, will elevate everyone together.

5) What have you learned so far through your experiences with the channel?

I try to read a book by most of the authors that I interview (I just can’t read quick enough to read every author!), and the quality has genuinely surprised me. I’ve found the books I’ve read as good, if not better, than most of the traditionally published books I’ve read. It has only served to convince me further that, with the support of indie authors, the channel can be a success and impact on viewers’ reading habits, so they reach for an indie book as often as they reach for a bestseller.  

6) Do you have a favorite Indie Author?

I can’t say I have a favourite, as I’ve only ever read a single book of an author. However, Up, Back & Away by K. Velk is probably my favourite indie book so far.

7) What do you want the world to know about Indie Authors?

They are every bit as passionate, talented, and dedicated as many professional writers, more so in some cases. They often work a ‘regular’ job, edit their book, design its cover, and everything else that goes into publishing, all without a support team of professionals.

8) If you could bring any character to life in the real world, which one would it be and why?

I’d have to say Jon Snow. In these dark times, the world could really use a Jon Snow.

9) Any final thoughts?

If there are any indie authors who would like to appear on the channel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. The channel will only really work if authors are willing to appear. If you’re unsure, watch one of the interviews. I’m also looking for indie books to review, so if anyone has read a good one and would like to see it reviewed, drop me an email. The other thing I need to help the channel grow and succeed is people watching and subscribing, so please everyone out there, watch Ramblings of an Undiscovered Author and support indie authors.

You can check out his channel, Ramblings of an Undiscovered Author HERE or email him at authorramblings@gmail.com

Thanks and remember to #SupportIndieAuthors