Support for Indie Authors Code of Conduct

The world is full of opinionated people. Everyone has their own ideas of what should be and what shouldn’t be. And those opinions stray into every possible topic ranging from politics to religions to (wait for it) the world of self published authors. 

Yes, even us Indie Authors are subjected to a variety of personal opinions. From our covers and titles to our blurbs, plot, and formatting, everyone seems to think that they have a better way to do it - a way that could solve all of our “problems.”

These personal opinions come up often within our quickly growing support group. In fact, the majority of our time as moderators is spent ensuring that conversations stay positive and constructive. As such, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the word “Support.”

At SIA, we use the term solely with a positive spin. We view being an Indie Author as an exciting adventure. Consider yourselves the chivalrous do-gooder off to save a world from certain doom. SIA is the strange wizard with the long white beard saying “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this. . .” We want you to have the resources you need WHEN you need them (not after you’ve already published three books and are looking back wishing you knew then what you know now.) We’re not the stingy salesman charging you an arm and a leg for a magic formula that will make you an overnight success. We’re not the weird enchantress who only speaks in riddles. 

Confused yet? Just give me a minute - it’s been a long week. 

We want to help you. That’s why we’ve continued to build up Support for Indie Authors and are currently working on expanding to other forms of social media as well as to our own website. So let’s look at what is helpful and what is not helpful:

Please don’t mistake my tone for anger. Why is it that we assume (not just on this particular topic) that the entire world must like and dislike what we like and dislike? Just because you’re not fond a cover doesn’t mean that someone else won’t think it’s amazing. 

Please try to remember as you scroll through our topics and discussions that we are a support group. We are here to offer resources, tips, advice, and above all, encouragement. We’re a Support Group in all senses of the term. Being an Indie Author is tough work. There are blood, sweat, and tears involved. We’re here to offer you a tissue, a cup of tea (or coffee or vodka or wine), and share some funny cat pictures with you so you can get out a good chuckle every once in a while. 

The world is a tough place guys - we all need funny cat pics once in a while. Try to remember that each author’s book is just as important to them as your book is to you. Treat it with the respect that you’d want someone to treat your book with.