Time for a Change

Any of you involved with our Support for Indie Authors Goodreads group know that we're growing and expanding at a ridiculous rate. We've made the jump from Goodreads to Facebook and will soon be adding a Twitter account. 

But even bigger changes are coming: for SIA, as well as for me personally. My husband and I have entered that gray "unknown" area. We're outgrowing our house and we're no longer happy with the location. The streets are way too busy for our 2 year old son to be playing outside safely (even with our constant supervision). My husband is embarking on a new business adventure. I'm working on new books. My son is growing up much more quickly than I thought he would. (Seriously? Almost 2 1/2??) Every time I look up, something else is changing. I feel like I'm in that episode of Scrubs. 

I fully realize that change isn't bad. In fact, I'm excited about many of the changes that life is bringing our way. I'm excited with the direction that SIA is headed in. I'm excited about the possibility of moving out of the city and getting some space to stretch our legs. 

I say all of this merely as an explanation, I suppose. I've recently had to begin turning down books for review. I'd hoped to never have to do that, but as my to-read list just hit #200, I feel I have no choice. I have to play catch up. 

My plan is to re-open for submissions by the end of the year. What do you think? 200 Indie Author books in 6 months? *rolls up sleeves*  #SupportIndieAuthors

But first. . .it's past my bedtime.