Ramblings from a Friday night

So it's been a while since I've rambled. 

There hasn't been much time for it lately, truth be told. While the rambling still drones on and on in my head, most of my actions are scheduled these days. There are so many books to read and review (But keep them coming!! I'm having a blast!), assisting my husband with his numerous marketing projects, and attempting to maintain my sanity as my son nears his SECOND BIRTHDAY! 

That's right. I'm about to be the mother of a toddler. *cries a little* He's already developed the attitude and mind of his own, and already has his own opinion of how things should be -- even when confronted with situations he's never been in before. But he is still sweet and loves to help -- even though his helping tends to just create more work for me. But it's the thought that counts!

Regardless of all this, I am about to release the fourth segment of my Rehab for Superheroes series, titled Dakota. 

I may be be submitting it for publishing on Sunday. MAY BE. That's not a promise. My husband hasn't read it yet and that has to happen before I'll publish. 

I'm also working on my final edit of Hollow Towns. As I began my edit of my first draft, I realized that Hannah's story was far from where it needed to be. It required a rewrite. And that is what is holding up the release. But I promise that the second version is much better than the first. It's a necessary revision, vitally important to this story. 

So there is my rambling for the. . .um, quarter? I guess that's about where I am now. One rambling blog a quarter instead of two per week? That's pretty sad. Perhaps someday I'll pick up the pace again. But until then. . .