All SIA Wants for Christmas

Riley Amos Westbrook


I already have it all. A good woman, a loving family, and amazing friends to share my journey with.

BB Wynter

1. I wish for a giant Christmas stocking with a hunk inside, still alive; might need some air holes in there.

2. An upgraded bionic body, with eyes that work and change colour like Christmas lights.

3. And a fancy hat. If the hat is able to dance and sing, even better. 

Actually forget the live hunk. I want a designer, looks human, robot hunk, that just requires an hour to charge up and is invincible, but also has superhero powers and eventually turns evil, and takes over the world as ultimate robot hunk emperor and then I end up being his human slave, and start the beginning of a revolution, but I’m torn between his awesome good looks and the good of humanity.

VM Sawh

1. Life sized MechaGodzilla from 1975, with the disco eyes and the snazzy soundtrack.

2. I want Daft Punk to throw a house party and TRONerize my house.

3. I want glass floors with a pool full of luminescent jellyfish beneath it, this way when I go to sleep the water and the squishies make my room have Northern Lights.

Ann Livi Andrews

1. I want a never ending supply of Titos. I mean, I promote them all the time. It's the least they could do, right? RIGHT?? 

2.  I want to never have to sleep again. Think of all the books that I could write and all the indie books that I could read! And the SIA website would be updated every day! And and. . .yeah. 

3. Once, just once, when I go in for my yearly check up at the doctor, I'd like her to say "You know, we've decided to try a new therapy, just as an experiment to see how it will affect your overall health. Considering you have no listed allergies, we'd like to you step into our KITTEN ROOM!!!!" Where there are furry and cuddly kittens playing and being adorable and I can stay as long as I want! 

Christina McMullen

1. I want to see true peace in the world. I want an end to war, famine, poverty, injustice, and inequality. Barring that:

2. I want an army of fifty-foot tall killbots who will help bring about the end of war, famine, poverty, injustice, and inequality by uniting the entire planet under my firm but benevolent rule. Barring that:

3. One day out of the year where I can do what I want, eat what I want, and ignore the grown up responsibilities of the real world and travel into the fictitious realm of my choice without repercussions.

Dwayne Fry

1. Harmony for those without it

2. Healing for those without it

3. Hope for those without it

GG Atcheson

1- Indie paperback books

I already have quite a few displayed on my bookshelf and I am proud of them all so my goal is to acquire more this year. 

2- A trip to my hometown.

Last time I went to Montreal was in 2007 so I think I'm overdue. I might not recognize my son the next time I see him.

3- Finish my work in progress. 

It's about time I go back to work on it. LX isn't too happy about having been set aside for so long. 

Tony Deeney

1) A space trip to the moon.... please.... please.... I REALLY want to stand on the moon.

2) A book! Yes, a book: a book with ALL the answers! That'd be very, very cool.

3) Once I have these, I'll settle for family time around the table with roast turkey! I am not greedy... ;)

Ellison Blackburn

1. An all-in-one time travel, geo, world shut off, mobile remote control built into my phone (as well as a replacement phone)

2. A 1970s sansui direct drive turntable and all original release Pink Floyd vinyls in mint condition.

3. Theo James.

Melissa Jensen

1. A Kindle.

2. My story ideas to magically appear on my laptop requiring absolutely no effort on my part what so ever.

3. An all expenses paid trip to London.