People Watching

For my rambling blog, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite and least favorite topics. People. The Human Race. Aka Peeps. And yes, I realize that I said favorite AND lease favorite. Let me explain. . . no I suppose that would take too long. In the wise words of Inigo Montoya, “Lemme sum up.”

People drive me insane. They’re rude, obnoxious, selfish, self centered, ignorant, entitled jerks. For the most part. Every once in a while you stumble across a humble, selfless person and be honest with yourself, you’re completely flabbergasted, aren’t you?? You don’t even know what to do! Should you congratulate them? Should you immediately make them your best friend? But deep down, you’re suspicious, aren’t you? They’re being too nice – they obviously want something. Because most people do.

That seems a bit harsh, I realize this. I do not hate people. I like people. I have good friends. I have wonderful family. I love my friends and family. And I love being around them. The world would not be the same place it is today without people – good and bad. It takes all kinds right?

The older I get, the more I realize that I am not a people person. I’ve always been incredibly shy, but my desire to stay locked in my house in front of a nice roaring fire with a notepad and a cup of tea does not stem from people being overly nice to me in public. I’m a petite girl. I get pushed around. Even if I stand in line for hours at a concert so that I can get right up close to the stage (so that I can see the band performing) some tall guy always pushing his way in front of me because he thinks it’s incredibly necessary for a 6.5’ guy to stand in front of a 5’ tall girl. Real smooth, right?

So let me repeat. People are rude.

But they are absolutely fascinating, are they not?? We don’t write millions and millions of books about them because they’re boring right? (I realize as I’m writing this that I’m referring to humans as if looking in on them from the outside. I am, in fact, a human and am not an alien or a cyborg etc. I know that I am not selfless and that I have a biased perspective. But I do try not to be rude and I’m very apologetic when I am rude or inconsiderate and I catch myself in that moment.)

This all stems from a wedding reception I attended last night. It was a fantastic party. Great music. Good food. Fun people. Lots of dancing. But from my spot behind the DJ table, I made an observation. There are several types of people at wedding receptions. There are the people that are simply there for the free food and drinks and when that’s all put away, they scamper off back home. Then there are the people who are there to talk. No matter how dim the lights get or how loud the music gets, they chat the night away! Then there are the dancers. Each time they try to leave the dance floor, another great song draws them back to frolic happily among the other dancers. Then, there is my favorite group of people. The watchers.

These are the people (last night it just so happened to mostly consist of men) who are watching their significant others having a great time on the dance floor. But they are not talking amongst themselves. They’re seated sporadically throughout the venue, shoulders slumped, frown planted firmly in place, either irate at still being there, jealous at whoever their partner is dancing with, or just bored out of their minds. Not a SINGLE ONE OF THEM looks like they are enjoying watching their significant other dance. I want to sit down next to them and ask, do you hate to dance? Are you antisocial? Do you legitimately have two left feet? Are you currently in a fight? What is going on that leads you to look so miserable while your loved one is having such a fabulous time?

Now, my husband’s friends would all speak up here and remind me that I sit back while my husband dances the night away and simply watch him. That’s not entirely true. I will slow dance, but my white girl feet are simply not capable of flowing to rhythm. They want to, believe me, and they will tap away as I enjoy the music, but I cannot force them to move gracefully across the dance floor. But the truth of the matter is, I love watching my husband dance. It’s entertaining and I find it to be a very attractive quality in him. My issue is a common one among females: resting b**** face. When I’m concentrating, I look irritated. I’m usually not. I can’t say 100% of the time, but the majority of the time, I’m just lost in thought and apparently it looks like I’m pissed.

So maybe that’s the case. Maybe they are entertained, but just have a case of male resting jerk face. Who knows. I was not given the opportunity to ask them. But I definitely found myself making up scenarios as to how their conversations went when they finally got their dancing fool of a partner into the car. (Hint: Most of them didn’t go well)

So those are my thoughts for the week. My ramblings. If you’re one of these people I’ve mentioned, please note, I mean no disrespect. I’m just truly fascinated and my mind automatically tries to deduce what’s really going on. Because that’s just what I do. I create conversations and arguments. It’s my job.

So in short, I get irritated with people because they tend to be rude jerks, but I also find that fascinating because there’s usually a story that explains why they are rude jerks and I like to try to guess what that is. Make sense? 

photo credit: left-hand via photopin cc