So with having one structured blog a week now, I’m tempted to make my second blog as completely random and incomprehensible as possible. Just out of spite. I’m really not that irritated about it. I’m getting better at sitting down and writing content – I just wish I had more time to write content that I’m interested in, like Rehab for Superheroes and Hollow Towns. Plus I have to start editing my first draft of The Two Lands: Journey (the sequel to Return), which I’m getting the general impression that no one cares about but me, ha ha. Rehab for Superheroes seems to be far more interesting. It holds my attention as well, much to the chagrin of Hollow Towns.

New paragraph = new topic! When I met my husband, I assumed that we’d lead a normal life. This was even despite his telling me that he was an entrepreneur and that he did not want to lead a normal life. He loves jumping from project to project, creating companies and then moving on to the next one. He wants to be rich (to the comfortable point – not Bill Gates level). And he wants to be able to meander through the day, occasionally making sure that our businesses are running smoothly as we sip our wine and cocktails and each sushi and crab legs, preferably on a beach somewhere next to our small kitchen like diner where we serve whatever we want to cook that day to whoever wants to eat it. I nodded and smiled and encouraged him, but quite frankly, I assumed that we’d both settle into careers, have a kid or two, put them in daycare like other couples, and continue our lives until retirement. I never really imagined that there was another option. The idea of waking up whenever we want to, taking our son to an art gallery or museum for his home schooled field trip for the week, checking our websites, checking our orders, and then eating an amazing lunch prepared by my husband as he destroys our kitchen and using every pot, pan, and plate we own, then sitting down with a coffee and doing some writing as our son studies, and my husband reads, plans our next trip, or investigates his next business venture, is finally dawning on me. (How’d you like that massive sentence???) This truly sunk in for me last night when I told my husband that I’d dreamed I’d sold 46 copies of Jack. He responded by telling me that if I was dreaming, it should have been 46,000 copies. I need to dream bigger than I do. And I’m working on it!

New paragraph = new topic! Christmas is quickly approaching. Many of you are groaning, as am I. The stores are already putting up Christmas décor for sale. They barely made it past the Fourth of July without putting up the trees! We put a lot of pressure upon this holiday. We seem to ignore all other holidays for this one. Why is that? Thanksgiving is the holiday of food. Amazing, wonderful, eat until you explode because you can’t stop, food. But Christmas surpasses even that (which is surprising in our culture). So I have to ask, is it the giving or the receiving that makes it so special to the majority of us? There is a percentage, of course, that values Christmas as the time they celebrate the birth of Jesus, and that makes it very special indeed (even though that is not the date when Jesus was born) But many people overlook that and instead focus on the decorations, the snow, the hot beverages, and the gifts. It is definitely a warm time. I always imagine fireplaces, hot cocoa (coffee now that I’m older), scarves, sweaters, and cuddling on a cozy couch under a fuzzy blanket with the people you love. But it’s a frantic time as well. People are shopping, or trying to save up money for shopping, or trying to find the perfect gift, or worrying about family members they are afraid will cause a scene or make them uncomfortable, etc. Despite that, many people would still say that it’s their favorite holiday. And I’m curious as to why. What puts it at the top of the list? Feel free to chime in. I’m truly curious.

Okay, that’s it. Enough rambling. I have more significant work to do. I could ramble all week. Seriously. All week. Ask my husband. I move from topic to topic, sometimes jumping over canyons in my thought trail. But someone has to make those connections, right? 

photo credit: shchukin via photopin cc