Self Publishing - Chapter One


My husband is of the opinion that I should publish two blogs a week (not including my book review blogs, which are quickly piling up). He thinks that one blog a week should be devoted to being an indie author and self publishing. I quickly placed the back of my hand upon his forehead to check to see if he was running a high fever. Seriously. Is he delusional? I’m averaging four blogs a week right now with book reviews. And that’s not including the blogs that I write for him and his businesses (which is now up to two a week) plus additional content in the form of articles and press releases. I do believe the man has lost his mind.

But he has a good point (yes, I say that begrudgingly). There are lots of people attempting to self publish and going the indie author route. With the extraordinary amount of would be authors out there (that grows every day) I think the number of indie authors is quickly approaching, if it hasn’t already exceeded the number of published authors. That’s my own opinion, I’ve done no research (that’s a theme here, if you couldn’t already tell – I don’t do any research for my blogs. If you’re looking for hard numbers, go somewhere else).

There are lots of people that claim to have the answer for indie authors. You can buy books on amazon about how to self publish (kind of funny considering they’re self published as well), you can even buy systems on self publishing. “For the low, low, price of $249.99. . .” And there are countless bloggers, tweeters, and ranters that think they know what you’re doing wrong and what you should be doing instead.

To be fair, some of those methods might work. I don’t know. I’ve tried very few of them. I kind of just do my own thing and hope there are a few people out there who find my work enjoyable. It’s hard to know what will take off and what won’t. I mean, seriously, who knew Twilight and The Hunger Games would be the huge success that they are today? (their agents, publicists, and marketers, that’s who. . .seriously. . .a whole team of people)

When it comes to writing fiction, you’re talking about people’s preferences on entertainment, it’s a roll of the dice in all reality. Nonfiction writers have search traffic and terms on their side. People go to amazon and google and type in “cook book” or “diet book” etc. Very few people google “new fantasy novel about a princess no one wants.”

I think the answer is this: if you want to be a self published fiction author, there is no easy way around it. It’s a constant uphill social media battle. You have to be willing to read books by other indie authors, be vocal in the community, befriend everyone, be kind to everyone, continually bug your own facebook stream  about your new releases and sales, and do your best to market any sales you run to the websites and blogs devoted to ebook deals. You don’t have a team. You have yourself – and possibly a few good friends who are willing to help out.

My biggest surprise has been seeing who my true friends are in this whole process. The friends that I acquired when I began dating the man who is now my husband, have turned out to be true friends. They buy my books, they read my blogs, and they’re extremely supportive and encouraging. Their encouragement has been enough to keep me chugging along in this process.

And so, I will attempt to write two blogs a week from here on out. One will be on a random topic of my choosing, and the other will be, at the behest of my husband, a blog about the joys and pitfalls of self publishing.

I wish everyone the best of luck.

If you have specific questions or need a book review to help you along in your quest, submit a request on my website or send me a message on Goodreads or Twitter. Part of struggling through this battle is assisting others who are on the same road you are on. Do unto others and all that. 

photo credit: Dunechaser via photopin cc