The Never Ending Battle

I had a funny image flash through my mind this morning. An image, that I quickly realized, was not that far from the truth. It actually very accurately described my normal day. I thought that instead of a full on blog post today, I would share that image with you: a bit of insight into my life. For added incentive to read through my day dream, I’ll be using the first page of my new short story: Jack, the sequel to Crimson Mistress, as an example.


“You look stressed. Why are you so stressed?”

“What do you want?”

“Sit down and relax. There’s no reason to be tense.”

- Okay, I’ve got this. Good start. Take a sip of tea and get to the point. Almost out of tea, better restart the kettle. . .maybe I should make the bed while I’m up from the computer and thinking about it. . .Ok, now back to work! -

“You asked me to meet you. I’m here. Now what do you want?”

- Crap, did I feed the outdoor cats? Did I give the dogs water outside? Uh oh, the dogs are still outside. The mailman could be here any minute. . .Better go take care of that. . . -

“Tsk tsk. Always in such a hurry. There’s no need. You’re here. I’m here. The streets will be quiet tonight. I didn’t ask you here to fight.”

“I find that very hard to believe. ”

“Think what you will. I just thought it would be nice for us to have a little chat. You’ve been very distant lately.”

- DOGS!! Be quiet!! It’s just the mail lady! The exact same woman you see every day!! Shh!! Don’t wake up. . .sigh, the baby’s awake. . . Flash forward three hours. Ok, back to work, yet again. -

“A little chat,” he snickered. “About what exactly?”

“Nothing in particular. Just a meet and greet, so to speak,” he grinned suddenly, exposing pearly white teeth.

- Did I restart the dryer while I was downstairs? I’d better check. . .Now what are the dogs barking at?? For Pete’s sake. . .the cat is on top of the bird cage and can’t get down. Why is my phone ringing in the middle of the day? No. My name is not Tiffany and I did  not party with you sometime last year. . .yes I’m married, but thank you for telling me that I “sound cute.” Ok, back to work. . . -

“The dentures look nice.”

“Don’t they? I think I like them better than my original teeth. They make me look quite dashing. You’d never even know they aren’t real.”

“I liked you without, personally.”

- Text from hubby asking what’s for dinner. . .Right. . .dinner. Need to start dinner. Did I thaw. . .? No, of course I didn’t thaw anything out. . . -

“No need to get snippy,” he chuckled, not even slightly attempting to conceal his amusement. “I’m trying to tell you that I’m grateful. Consider it my olive branch.”

- Oops, dryers done. Better fold those before they get wrinkled. . .When’s the last time I cleaned litterboxes? Ick. . .too long ago. . .Oh look! A message on Facebook!! Oo, no, I did not know that John Cusack is going to be in a new movie, but party on!!!! Will definitely mark that on the “Will See Sometime in the Next Five Years When I Finally Get Around To Watching Movies Again” list. Did I update Twitter today? When was the last time I checked Goodreads? Oh, no no no, don’t start with THAT Agatha Christie book!!! Ok Ann, focus. Back to work. -

“Strange,” he frowned, glancing around the room. It wasn’t at all what he had pictured. The furniture was comfortable and stylish, there were warm and inviting pieces of artwork on the walls, and there was even a fire blazing in the fireplace. “Is this really your home or is the poor family who owns it locked in the basement?”

- What could the dogs possibly be barking at now??? Oh. . .husband’s home. . .and there’s the timer for dinner. . .I got a whole page written today. *facepalm* -


That pretty much sums it up. By the time I sit down to get anything accomplished, my day is already over. And then it begins all over again. The never ending battle.

Happy Monday everyone!

photo credit: matteodamiani via photopin cc