Just a quick blog this week, because I have a lot of writing to do. I had a very long and well thought out blog started, but my son made sure that my momentum was halted and I haven’t had a chance to go back to it. Rather than force myself to finish that blog without properly sorting through my thoughts, I decided to just write a quick blog. The End.

Just kidding.

It’s summer time. And summer brings a lot of fun things like pools, sunshine, thunderstorms, ice cream, watermelon, fireworks, flowers,  and the cool chill of the air conditioner when you wake up in the morning. Last year at this time, my son wasn’t quite aware of what was going on around him yet. He was only three months old. So I’m very much looking forward to watching him experience many “firsts” this summer.

He’s already had his first pool experience. . .it didn’t go well until I got in with him. (And no, for those of you wondering if I’m a horrible parent – I didn’t just throw him into a pool unattended, his daddy was in there with him. Geez.) He loves ice cream and I’m very interested to see how he handles fireworks this year. So far loud noises haven’t been a problem.

I’m envious of him in that he gets to have those first experiences. As adults, we rarely get first experiences anymore. There are very few moments that strike awe into our hearts and stars into our eyes. And I miss that.

That’s one reason why each summer I read Ray Bradbury – particularly Dandelion Wine. As it’s written from a young boy’s perspective during the summer, you get to revisit all of those first experiences that make us excited to be alive.

I was explaining to someone today how I don’t get excited – about anything really. I may be excited on the inside, but very rarely do I allow that excitement to escape through some visual cue. Many people take this to mean that I’m disappointed in life or that I don’t care. It’s not true. I just like to keep that excitement for myself. And I’m saddened that more moments, more actions, more experiences don’t make me excited. I may be excited to go out to dinner with my husband minus our adorable son, but I don’t jump around and wave my arms in the air like my son did when I gave him his first bite of asparagus the other night.

So I tend to hold on to the things that make me excited: books, writing, my husband, my son, traveling, good wine, and good food along with a short list of other things.

Just a short blog. No real point other than to say, if you have something that makes you excited or if you’re able to find a new first experience, treasure every moment.