An Idea

So this blog will be a little different than normal. I have had an idea. It’s an idea which I have already implemented, but I suppose this is my version of an announcement and explanation.

There are too many critics in the world. If you’ve ever said or thought the following words “Well, I would have done it differently. . .” then you , my friend, are a critic.

Yes, I realize that seems to be assuming a lot. And I hate to assume. But I also detest negativity. And critics generally seem to be very negative people. I suppose if you are truly a paid critic, then it is your job to find the negatives in a movie, book, play, tv show, etc.

But the majority of us are not paid critics. And I am among that majority. So when I swap books and reviews with someone through some social media site, I will offer what I offer after reading any book. My honest thoughts and opinions about how much I ENJOYED THE BOOK.

I do not understand how people enjoy anything when they’re constantly looking for the negative. Now sure, some issues can detract from the author’s voice such as an immense amount of grammatical or spelling errors, but if the plot is entertaining enough, I can overlook those errors easily.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not providing a free pass here. Please edit your work. Have someone else edit your work – friend, family member, your alter ego, etc. . . Once you’ve looked at a page umpteen times, any errors would be hard to spot. Please trust me. I’m an English Education major.

With all of the above being said, I have decided to add a second blog to my website. This blog’s purpose will be for me to post my reviews of the books I’ve chosen and read or have been asked to read. This is not a way for me to critique and nitpick at books. If I can’t find anything good to say about a book, I will probably contact the author and explain that it’s not in their best interest for me to write a review of their work. I am here to look for positives. Because I like to read new works that I might otherwise not have found. Any created world is interesting to explore, at least for me.

So if you have time, pop on over to my new blog under the “Book Review” page. I have an initial post that I will be posting after editing and  publishing this blog, then I will begin to include reviews.

That is all. Good night everyone. It’s Swamp People night and the wine is already chilled. “Oh yea yea babe!!”

photo credit: Rachel.Melton via photopin cc