Blogging Just to Blog

This will probably be a very short blog as I’m attempting to wrap up Hollow Towns and would rather spend my quiet time writing than blogging. Unfortunately, I’m also on Laundry duty and cleaning duty, and our weekend promises to be a difficult one due to recent events.

It’s a rainy day and quite peaceful, despite being so close to the highway. And we’re winding down to the end of the year. I didn’t think it would catch up so quickly. But we’re still sitting comfortably in 60-70 degree weather despite nearing the end of October. And while I should have the windows open, the house is cool enough with them closed that I haven’t gone through the trouble of forcing them open – many are painted shut.

On that thought, why do people paint windows shut? I realize that painting windows is a difficult chore. I mean, it outright sucks. It’s so time consuming to properly tape windows and open and close them as you paint around them, plus I’ve yet to find the proper painting method to make window trim look good after being painted. Sometimes I think we’d be better off just buying new windows and all new trim! There’s probably some deeper meaning that could be pulled from one’s action of painting windows closed – perhaps a lack of desire to see the world around them as it truly is, wanting instead to see it through painted glass of our own making?

I thought maybe I could find some old writing piece from my childhood to include in this blog to add to its length a bit, but they’re all quite terrible. It’s funny how we romanticize our childhood and the things we created in it. Not that they weren’t great at the time, but we all grow and improve our abilities, rendering past works less than impressive.

And on that note, I’m going to return to my writing. I’m really drawing a blank here and my tea kettle is beckoning me. Plus the washing machine just finished up. There’s always some other task to complete! The list never ends.