Questions and Answers

Here we are once again, time for a rambling blog. These should be the easy ones, I suppose, but the further I get into blog world, the harder it is to come up with topics to write about. It should be easy. I’m a woman and therefore, I am prone to rambling. Not only am I a woman, but I’m a creative writer. ‘Nuff said, right? Plus, it’s a beautifully cloudy day and my son practically fell asleep in his high chair while eating lunch, so he’s out cold for the time being.

On a positive note, I’ve been making long strides in Hollow Towns. I’m almost finished with my rough draft. That’s a huge victory for me. This is another story that I’ve been working on since 2006. So, eight years. I’m excited to get some of these older projects finished up so that I can move on to new and fresher ones. They’re always easier to work on – thus my pleasure in writing Rehab for Superheroes short stories.

So maybe I’ll just address a couple of questions I’ve seen pop up recently.

Q: What can you expect to see me publish before the year’s end?

A: My goal is to complete Hollow Towns and Dakota’s short story. And I’m extremely determined to make this happen.

Q: How many more short stories will you write for Rehab for Superheroes before releasing the full length novel?

A: Only one more. Dakota’s story will be the final short story before I release the full length novel.

Q: What are your writing plans for next year?

A: I plan to release the sequel to The Two Lands: Return, as well as the full length Rehab for Superheroes novel. If I complete those early enough, then I may attempt to publish another older project, a novel that I’ve been excited about for a long time, but it’s proven to be a difficult project.

Q: How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

A: At least two. . .depending on whether or not my husband makes coffee.

Q: Why do you blog twice a week?

A: I blog for the people hanging on my every word. Ha! I actually blog twice a week to help my fingers stay flexible for writing. I also like the practice on forcing myself to write on a particular topic. Helps me focus on current projects when I actually have time to work on them. It also helps establish my internet presence, helping to convince Google that I am a legitimate author webpage – which I am, of course.

Q: Do you have a muse?

A: I used to. I had a very good friend over the internet – someone I never met in person – who helped me through difficult writing times. But it’s been a while since that role was actively filled in my life. My husband helps me quite a bit, but he likes to read my work when they’re complete, so that he can go into the stories with no idea what to expect. So the position is open if anyone would like to volunteer!

All right, that’s all I’ve got for today. Everyone have a lovely rest of the week!

Also, if there is a topic you would like to see me cover for self publishing, please let me know!

photo credit: Veronique Debord via photopin cc