Overthinking Thinking

I’ve been thinking a lot about interpretation lately. As an English major, a lot of my time in college was spent offering up my own interpretation of other author’s works. The question that I  always posed to myself was “Who am I to pretend to know what this author was trying to say between the lines?” What would some of these authors think of the Freudian ideas being used to explain their creations?

Now that I’m offering my own work to the world, how are people going to use it to interpret what they think I’m insinuating about the world and about myself? Now that’s assuming that anyone cares enough about my work to try to read between the lines. That may never be the case. But if it is, do I write what I want to write and then sit back and laugh when it’s used to say things I never intended it to say? Is there really any other option? Do I have any power over how people interpret what I say or don’t say?

My style of writing is cryptic by definition. I don’t like to simply tell. I want others to imagine with me. Is the trade off fair? I write what I want to write but someone decides that I have some deep psychological issue based on what I’ve written?  Am I overthinking this? Perhaps, but as an author, I think that it is my job to overthink things. Or perhaps it’s just a side effect.