The Rush of Betrayal: Deception

I finished up The Rush of Betrayal: Deception by Shawn Wickersheim (one of my favorite indie authors!)

It took me a couple of days to get drawn into this book. The chapters jump around between so many characters and points of view that I wasn't sure who the main character was and/or who I was supposed to be cheering for. But the more I read, the more I began to realize that was done purposefully.

I really enjoy the mystery behind the work. Even by the end of the book, I wasn't quite sure what the villain's goal was, or even if he was the true villain.

The writing is excellent, the dialogue is realistic and flows smoothly, and once I caught on to the plot, I was carried along quite quickly.

My sole complaint is just a personal one. I have a very difficult time reading books or watching movies where bad situation after bad situation happen to a single person. I realize that this is moving the plot along and I understand that he is being targeted, but it's so hard for me to read! I found myself cringing as I read! Poor guy!

It was a wonderful read and I'm anxious to read the next in the series -- although I have to take a break as my heart hurts too much for the main character.

If you want to pick up your copy, follow this link!

No biographical information this time as I’ve already posted it in a previous blog: here.

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