The Penitent Assassin

Shawn Wickersheim is one of my new favorite authors. Not only is he a detail oriented author capable of creating fantastic worlds, but he is also a lover of books. With The Penitent Assassin now under my reading belt and The Rush of Betrayal series in my reading queue, I thought it only fair that he be my first reviewed author on my website.

A brief summary would look like this: action packed and quick paced plot, deep and meaningful characters that you grow overly attached to, and enough twists and turns to keep you wondering what on earth he’s going to throw at you next! But that’s just a brief summary.

It has now been over a month since I read this book, but I remember all the plot twists, the mind snapping ending sequence (I’m fairly confident his computer broke down as he wrote the ending with a loud “What, then what, then WHAT? Oh for pete’s sake, I can’t even keep up. . .WHAT NOW?? Oh come on!!), and the memorable characters that I either loved or hated.

Truth be told, I felt the most for Mallor and his daughter, Zoelle. While there are other memorable characters, those are the ones that really touched my heart. Mallor is extremely human, despite his almost supernatural origins, and as you read, you praise him for his good decisions and curse him for the poor choices, or the choices that you don’t understand.

All in all, it had everything I look for in a book: mesmerizing plot, relatable characters with enough depth to make them realistically human, and the barest hint of an open ending that makes you wonder what he has in store for his characters next. (Peace never seems to last long in an author’s world)

I highly encourage you to read The Penitent Assassin by Shawn Wickersheim, especially if you fall in love with fantasy worlds as quickly as I do. But please be aware that this does contain adult material not suitable for youngsters. Pick up your copy here!!

As an added bonus, here’s a little biographical information about the author from Goodreads (with his permission, of course)!

Shawn Wickersheim lives in historic Woodstock Illinois with his wife and children. He has published three fantasy novels, The Penitent Assassin, The Rush of Betrayal: Deception (Book One) and The Rush of Betrayal: Absolution (Book Two). Some have called these books 'dark fantasy', others have called them 'epic fantasy'...he'll leave you to decide how you want to label them while he gets back to writing the next book in the series, a stand-alone sequel to both The Penitent Assassin and The Rush of Betrayal books.

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