The Making of Matt

I was intrigued as I read the teaser for this book. Divorce from the man’s viewpoint. I’m sure that there are many many books out there about divorce that are written from a male perspective. But the intriguing part, to me, was that this is written by a woman: Summer Prescott.

As a divorcee, I know what divorce is like. At least, I know my perspective of divorce. I have considered the male perspective before, but I was extremely curious to see what Prescott’s research led her to write about.

Matt is a likeable character. Yes, he makes a lot of mistakes throughout the entire book – some we cringe at, some we get mad at him for, and some we can’t blame him for. While the reader can identify the mistakes that Matt is making along the way, it’s easy to understand why Matt doesn’t see them as mistakes at the time.

Prescott’s writing style makes it easy to put ourselves in Matt’s shoes, consider him a friend, and cheer him on the entire way through the story. She’s descriptive and allows the character’s voice to stand out clearly throughout the work.

I also appreciated the resolution at the end of the book. I felt that Matt had finally begun to grow and mature and learn from his mistakes to the point where he might be able to slip into a happy and healthy relationship.

I recommend this book, especially if you’re looking to step outside of your comfort zone and live life in someone else’s shoes for a short time. I love the chance at a different perspective and encourage all readers to give it a try.

Here is the link to her book!

As an added bonus, here’s a little biographical information about the author from her blog at (as always, with her permission)!

“Who am I? A wearer of many hats…Mom, dog-Mom, Designer, Author (who sits tap, tap, tapping in her cozy garret until the wee hours of the night), Reviewer, Foodie, etc… but inside, down where it counts, I’m just me, a 40-something, mostly happy divorcee’ who loves life. People fascinate me, and I always seem to find myself in situations that are conducive to others pouring out their hearts and life stories. If you think you recognize yourself in my stories and we’ve ever had drinks together, you just might be right. I am inspired to create tales inspired by the truths, triumphs, terrors and trials of many people blended into rich, complex characters."

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