The Legacy: Fate

I just finished reading The Legacy: Fate by G.G. Atcheson.

I was immediately entranced by the uniqueness of the plot. I've never read a book that matched up aliens and vampires. Though once you start reading it, it seems to make sense!

It stands to reason that if aliens exist, vampires very well might exist too!

I enjoyed seeing our world through Alex's eyes. He doesn't get our sayings and our mannerisms, but desperately tries to adapt and blend in.

I struggled with the dialogue at times, but I understood the purpose for making Alex's words awkward. He's not native to the language.

I look forward to reading the next segment of Alex's story!

If you want to pick up a copy of The Legacy: Fate, follow this link!

And as always, biographical information, with permission from the author!

"Born in Montreal and moved to the USA after meeting her husband in a MMORPG. GG and her husband are now 'owned' by 3 dachshunds and wouldn't see it any other way"

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