The Golden Merra

My most recent read was The Golden Merra (Witches of the Water Book 1) by Kevin Moore. To sum up: I really enjoyed this quick read!

Moore sets up the story quite well by introducing it as a radio broadcast being listened to by an unknown man. This initially confused me, but as I began to read the opening pages, I quickly settled in to the plot.

The plotline moved fairly quickly. And while I found myself wishing that there was more than 65 pages, I enjoyed being able to read it all in one sitting. That element added to the idea that I was listening to a radio show broadcast.

The story is extremely well written, the dialogue was realistic, and the plot was captivating. It held my attention quite forcefully. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am very curious to find out what happens next!

Here is the link to his book.

And as always, here is a little bio information, with the author’s permission.

Kevin Moore is a working writer and a professor of history, humanities and philosophy. His published work includes The Golden Merra, Seven Out, Waves and War, Sorrow and Demons and My Lovely Wife, Edith. Kevin is co-editor of The Quill ( - @TheQuillToledo), a journal for fiction and poetry in Northwest Ohio, and he is a freelance writer. He lives near Toledo, Ohio with his wife and daughter.

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