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Looking for a short and fun teaser? Check out these short stories - all included in my full length novel titled Hollow Towns. 


The last and most difficult of the Minutemen's recruits. . .will he go insane before they're finished with him? 


With the collapse of technology and the gray "snow" quickly accumulating on the ground outside her window, Hannah quickly realizes that something very bad is approaching their town and that her parents are doing everything they can to hide the truth from her. But when her parents disappear from their home, Hannah has no choice but to listen to the voice inside her head and venture outside.


When Charlie wakes up alone on a large ship in the middle of the ocean, he's strangely not worried. It isn't until he ventures further below deck that his subconscious begins to remind him of his friends, their accusations, and the nightmare that followed.

Old Mother

She's too old to run. She's too proud to flee. And this piques their interest.

The Runners

They may not know where they're running or who they're running from, but at least they know they can count on each other, right?