Fire and Fangs

Fire and Fangs - Josephine McNabb

It's a big world. Who's to say that our daydreams and nightmares don't really exist? Vampires? Werewolves? Maybe they really are out there. 

Maybe one day you'll turn on the television, or see a "trending" notice on Twitter or Facebook saying that Vampires and Werewolves have outed themselves and are trying to be accepted into our society. 

In McNabb's Fire and Fangs, this is the reality that Danni and Keri find themselves in. While they're both already aware of vampires and werewolves and have been hired to protect a very important vampire from an assassination threat, their job becomes even more complicated when a woman with a grudge takes retaliation too far. 

I immensely enjoyed this plot. It's well paced and easy to read, and the characters are incredibly lovable (though I have to admit that I like Danni more than Keri). My one complaint is that both women are being chased by men that they pretend to not want, and that plot device frustrates me to no end. 

Regardless, I'm hooked on the plot, so it's obviously effective. And the characters are well developed, which helps me get over the romance angle. 

Overall a highly enjoyable read that I recommend to any Anita Blake fans or vampire fans in general. 

Some Bio Information

I’m a 23 year old student. I grew up on a farm in Northern Ireland. I inherited my love of books and creativity from my mother, who always had her head in a book as I grew up. I have two brothers who equally make me laugh and drive me crazy. I have two young collies, a ram and a cow for pets (growing up on a farm, you tend to adopt the orphans). Blood and Flames is my first published series.


1.    Who is your favorite author? 

It’s very close between J.R Ward and Kresley Cole, but Kresley Cole would have to be my favorite.  

2.    Can you tell us about the first story you ever wrote? 

The first story I ever wrote was a romance about a woman who arrives back in her home town and has to face the love of her life. She had left him because she caught him in bed with another woman. It turned out that he passed out drunk and, when the main character went to see him in the morning, the other woman made her think that they had been doing more than sleeping. The truth came out and the two main characters got together and lived happily ever after. 

3.    What inspired you to write this book? 

I had this dream and due to an injury I had a lot of time on my hands so I just rolled with it. When I look back, the dream gave me a starting point and a feel for Danni. Once I had started I just couldn’t seem to stop, the story just took on a life of its own and unfolded as is it did. 

4.    Do you identify more with Keri or Danni? 

Oh, that’s a hard one. I think I identify more with Danni because I am a bit of a control freak and I like to manage things. Or so I’m told. 

5.    Describe the perfect writing environment. 

My perfect writing environment is me, my laptop and a new playlist. I can’t handle distractions when I’m on a roll. 

6.    What does your writing process look like?

Random little notes so that I can remember to include ideas. I’ll go to bed at night and an idea will pop into my head so I’ll have to turn on the light and write it down in case I would forget it. Usually I will forget a few things and I’ll have to go back and add it in. 

7.    What’s your ultimate writing goal? 

I think my ultimate writing goal at the minute is to complete the Blood and Flames series. The second in the series, Imperfect Harmony, was released in February and book 3 is undergoing editing. I’m also planning a fourth book, after that? Who knows!