When You Bleed to Death

When You Bleed to Death

When You Bleed to Death - Jeremy Bronaugh

If any book were to be described as intense, I would say it should be this book. Although there are no bombs exploding and no high speed chase scenes, Brody's downward spiral after the death of his girlfriend will make you highly anxious and edgy. 

I meant to only read a chapter or two before bed, but before I knew it, I was setting down my Kindle and it was 2:30am. I felt like I'd just been through a war. This book hit on each emotion powerfully. 

Brody is very well developed to the point that you are right there beside him, struggling with him, throughout the plot. His choices began to make sense to me, which was a little scary as they were so self damaging. 

This is not a book for young adults. I'm sure some parents would be okay with their 16 year old reading it, but I would not have understood this book until I was in college. So take that into consideration before reading it. 

I thought this was a very powerful work, one that shows what grief and depression can do. At times Brody seemed to be on auto-pilot, not really making the decisions himself. I do recommend this book, but be aware of the adult content contained within. 

Some Bio Information

Jeremy Bronaugh was born in Germany to an American soldier and moved almost yearly through the southern states. Because of this, and in the way any child becomes a product of his environment, he learned that nothing is permanent. He is the co-founder of Hypertrophic Press and the Coffee & Critique writers’ group, as well as the author of When You Bleed to Death: A Novel and This Book is Not For Sale and You’d Be a Fool to Buy It: Stories. He considers himself both a southern gothic and transgressive writer, and aims always to remember that he is only temporary.


1. What do you want your readers to take away from this book?

wrote this book for anyone who's ever gone through hell. I want anyone who is struggling, on the edge, feeling like they are alone in being a little unhinged - I want anyone who needs this book to see they aren't alone, and to share this as a human experience.

2. What does your writing say about you? 

My writing is a reflection of the things I can't process. If I could bring these topics up during polite dinner conversation, I probably wouldn't dedicate years of my life to writing. I write because I have to, and my stories are about all the things I need to say but can't.

3. Who is your favorite author?

Lynsey Morandin and Kevin Wilson

4. What inspires you?

I just want to know that my work matters to anyone. I'm inspired by the idea that I can share myself with the whole world and maybe connect with someone who needs to hear what I have to say.

5. Describe yourself in three words

Transgressive fiction author

6. What is your ultimate writing goal? 

I just want to know that my work helps someone/anyone.