When I Was Jane

When I Was Jane

When I Was Jane - Theresa Mieczkowski

Very few books make me excited. And I mean "Wow, that was such a rush!" excited. But as I was reading Jane/Audrey's story, I felt every single high and low that she felt. I connected with her on a level that I haven't felt from a book in a long time. And I was just as anxious to uncover her subconscious’  secrets as she was. 

The plot is written in such a way that you find yourself speculating about Jane/Audrey's backstory hundreds of times. And just to let you know, I was never right. By the time I got to the end of the book, I was completely caught off guard and surprised. 

This book is getting lots of high praise and I really think we'll see some great future books by Theresa. She's quite talented and has a way of teasing you with her plot that leaves you anxious, breathless, and overall spellbound. 

Some Bio Information

Theresa Mieczkowski is a writer, photographer and behavioral consultant. She lives with her husband, three kids and two dogs in Woodbury, Ct. She is an experienced motivational speaker who  never tires of meeting new people and has been visiting  book clubs to discuss When I Was Jane as much as she can.


1.Tell me a little bit about what prompted you to write this story. 

When I was an undergrad studying psychology I was fascinated with memory and the idea that who we are shapes what we remember. After many years of sitting on this story-which I had thought up for a long time- I finally took advice from my thirteen year old daughter and completed a longtime dream.

2.Do you identify with Jane/Audrey?

Absolutely. I think each of them represents a part of every woman. Sometimes we are stronger and sometimes we are needier- I think that the characters are a facet of every woman- but I definitely called upon my own experiences to be able to write for both of them.

3.Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process? 

I have an unconventional process. I wrote the end of this book many years ago and then went back and finished it by writing parts all out of order and then stringing them together. If I felt like I really wanted to do a scene, I would do that and save it and then wrote the lead up. For me, I needed to write the end first in order to be able to really understand how the beginning would unfold. And the beginnings are always the hardest.

4.Describe your perfect writing environment. 

A quiet house, no distractions like housework piled up…sometimes I like to have a friend to sit across from me and bounce ideas off. Being able to pace around in my pajamas and run to the computer when I have to get it all out. SO basically- not my house.

5.Do you have future writing projects planned out? 

I have flushed out stories for two other characters in the book—one of them is Vivienne and I would love to be able to do that because her story is amazing.

6.Who would you cast as the lead if your book was made into a movie? 

I have thought about this a lot. Definitely Alexander Skarsgard from Tru blood as Jason. Possibly Henry Clavill is Thomas. Jane—I would need to find a very young Ashley Judd. I had a dream actually that Mandy Moore played her and I can see that actually.

7.How would you describe your writing style? 

Thoughtful and funny. Light and easy to read but also thought provoking. I like to hide insights among good old fashioned story telling. And of course, I am lucky to be edited or else I would go on and on all day. If someone can connect with one of my characters or be able to grow somehow through the experience then I did what I set out to do.