The Bloodline Chronicles Volume 1

The Bloodline Chronicles Volume 1 - Joe H Sherman

Sorram and Taurwin are not your average brothers. That's pretty apparent from the get go.

However, we quickly learn that despite any . . . oh let's say. . .abilities that they have, they are unique in that they have soft hearts for the people around them. They want to help. They want to make the world a better place. At first you might feel led to believe that this stems from their naivety, but you begin to better understand their mindset and actions as Sherman reveals more and more about these two interesting characters. 

I liked seeing this alternative to the typical paranormal thrillers that run so rampant these days. Sorram and Taurwin are unique, fresh, (adorable), and overall fascinating characters that never seem to react as you expect them to. 

The book did not take the route that I assumed it would. So I'm anxious to see where the next book in the series leads. I like being surprised by the plot. While there's something to be said for "comfort books" (ones that offer no twists or surprises) I appreciate when an author takes the story in a completely different direction than I expected. It's refreshing and it tells me a lot about the author. 

So if you're looking for a new take on the paranormal classic, I'd recommend The Bloodline Chronicles!

Some Bio Information

Joe H. Sherman has worked most of his adult life in the machine trades, primarily in the aerospace industry. He has obtained rank in both aikido and judo, is a supporter of the NRA, and is a UAW member. He spends most of his time off work with his loving wife and family. He enjoys the outdoors whether he is fishing, hunting, or just exploring the backwoods of the mountains in West Virginia. He has two children. He and his family currently reside in rural Ohio near the village of Covington with their dogs.


1.      Was there a specific point in your life when you realized you wanted to be an author?

Actually it is still just a hobby for me. I do it because I enjoy it. I suppose if I sold enough books, I would retire earlier and dedicate more time writing, but until then I consider myself a factor worker… just your average shmoe… with a different hobby than most.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration for this book?

I actually started writing in an effort to help my son with his writing. My brilliant idea to write a story together turned out to be a futile attempt to hone his writing skill. However, a new hobby for me was born.

3. Describe your writing process for us. 

You may find this hard to believe, but my writing process revolves around my sever sleep apnea. It even amazes me sometimes the insanity that runs through my mind as I slip in and out of consciousness. Of course, the majority of it I never understand and never make head or tales of it. However, there is occasionally material for one of my stories that I continue to write. This is the first book of the first series I have completed. I have several other series, which I am currently writing, but I need to dream up more material for those yet.

4. Who is your favorite author? 

I am not sure if I can pick a favorite author to be honest. I have enjoyed Dean Koont immensely over the years. But I have a special place in my heart for the old westerns I  read in my younger years by Louis Lamoure. So much so that I occasionally drag on of the shelf for a quick read. Of course, I couldn’t list favorite authors without mentioning Robert Jordain and his Wheel of Time series. Nevertheless, I have been reading John Scalzi lately and he is my current fascination.

5. What does the perfect writing environment for you look like?

I don’t know for sure since I do most of my writing when I am supposed to be sleeping.

6. How would you describe your writing style? 

I would like it to come across as a folks tale.

7. What’s your ultimate writing goal? 

I suppose the ultimate goal would be early retirement and a new writing career, but I would settle for a self-sustaining hobby.