Sindhura Chamala

The Devil and the Deadly Peace

The Devil and the Deadly Peace - Sindhura Chamala 

I had no trouble flying through this book. Despite my mild confusion at the beginning as to where and when I was and exactly what was going on, I was entranced by the excellent writing and world building. 

I immediately fell in love with both the Little Brother and the Devil and wanted nothing more than to see their story play out happily. 

What I did have trouble with was trying to determine how I would classify this book. It's thrilling, but not quite a thriller. It's fantastic, but not really a fantasy. There's suspense, action, intrigue, deception, and devious plots, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what shelf I would place this book upon. 

For those of you who know my love of Ray Bradbury, you know that's what I love most about his work - unclassifiable. 

So kudos to Sindhura for creating a book that doesn't quite fit into any mold - to me that is a sign of a great author. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book. And I look forward to reading more by this author. 

Some Bio Information

Sindhura is from the small town of Nalgonda in India. She has a bachelor's degree in Information Systems from BITS Pilani. She works a Data Storage Engineer in Bangalore. Away from work, you can find her reading or writing with a cup of tea nearby.


1) What inspired you to write this book? 

I've always been a storyteller since childhood, and I would spend hours narrating stories to my group of friends in school. The love for stories only grew, and I became an avid reader. One evening, on a walk alone, a conversation between a few imaginary characters popped up in my head, and I immediately wanted to build a story on that. Once I had a solid plot, I narrated that to a friend of mine who liked it. More than that, I loved the experience of telling that story. That's when I decided to write it.

2) Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process? 

Once I had the plot, I immediately sat down to write. I knew I needed to finish the first draft quickly before my fears or doubts crept in. I discovered that I loved to write, and there was no stopping me. The first draft was the story I told myself. Once I was satisfied with that, I kept editing the draft until it was in a state that can be understood clearly by another person. I got it reviewed by one of my friends first, and then I got it edited by a professional.

3) What types of readers would most enjoy your work? 

I did not have a specific target of an audience when I wrote the story. All I knew was that I wanted to write a simple and short book that anyone could pick up and read.

4) What do you hope that readers take away from your work?

I hope the readers connect to the characters and the places that I created. I hope the book gives them a short escape into an interesting world in which they would like to spend more time.

5) Who is your favorite fictional character? 

I read many great books. Picking a favorite character is hard. However, the characters that stay with me for long are usually the kickass females that went through hardships and stood strong.

6) How would you describe your writing style? 

I would call it simple.

7) What’s your ultimate writing goal? 

I escape into the worlds created by other writers and would spend my life there if it weren't for the real life getting in the way. Then I discovered writing. I do it because I love it, and I hope I can continue to do that.  And along the way, if only a single person falls in love with my work, I would be a content writer.