Mooniana: And the Secrets of the Lost Chronicles of Sophia

Mooniana: And the Secrets of the Lost Chronicles of Sophia - Miranda Moondawn

A beautifully written and spellbinding novel that weaves together the stories of six muses and their journey on earth. 

The imagery is breathtaking and the style in which the text is written keeps you hanging on the author's every word until the final page is turned. 

Yet another book that you can take at face value and still enjoy the plot or you can dive deeper into the underlying genres and messages that the author lays out for readers to pursue. 


Some Bio Information

Romantic Poet, Gnostic Visionary and Faery Bard: Political Radical, Free Thinker, Androgyne and Mad Soul: How does one describe Miranda Moondawn? From her youth Miranda's passion for creative writing, music and art, along with her fascination with the philosophical and the spiritual, have always been totally inseparable. Coupled with her study and practise of the esoteric Wisdoms of Hermetic Magicke, Gnosticism and Shaktism, Miranda has also buried her soul in the magic and mysticism of English Romantic poetry, Greek myth and Hindu and Celtic lore.

Her major literary and occult influences are Dion Fortune (Moon Magic and The Mystical Qabalah), William Blake (The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and Songs of Innocence and Experience), George Macdonald (Phantastes and Lilith) - along with other diverse authors such as Peter Brook (Mahabharata), David Crawley (Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses) and Bentley Layton (The Gnostic Scriptures).

To supplement and give a bit of grounding to her creative writing and esoteric practises, Miranda has also completed a Master's degree and PhD in Bollywood film and Hindu cultural studies from Copenhagen University. In her field of expertise, she has deeply immersed herself, not only in the song and dance genre of Indian cinema, but also in the ancient Vedic dance and theatre tradition of the Natyashastra and the Rasa-Lila devotional tradition of Gita Govinda and the Srimad Bhagavatam.

In her spare time, Miranda also plays folk guitar and piano and sings and composes her own music based on her fascination for Indian classical music and the melancholic refrains of the Celtic bards - notwithstanding that she was also a big fan of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin in her teenage years!

At present our mad moony Miranda lives in Charlottenlund Denmark, by the sea, with her son Tristan and their fluffy little bichon Shimba. Here, in-between the black and white sparkles of the Moonlit ocean, she hears the Siren's song in the Kore of her soul and hearkens to the whispers of the Earth, as she writes down all their secrets for her book - MOONIANA AND THE SECRET OF THE LOST CHRONICLES OF SOPHIA.


1) What inspired you to write this book? 

My book Mooniana and the Secret of the Lost Chronicles of Sophia was inspired by Romantic poets like William Blake, Hermetic occultists like Dion Fortune, the Gnostic tradition and some Indian Tantric philosophy and practise, as well as Ritual Theatre as a process of psycho spiritual transformation and tuning in to the archetypes of humanities collective Memory.

2) Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process? 

My writing process for Mooniana is very much based on my studies and practises of Gnosticism and Tantra, as well as my travels in Europe and India and some of the amazing people I have met along the way. I have contrasted these fellow seekers and visionairies with the self serving politics and materialism of the contemporary society of the period where the novel takes place (1991 to 2001).

3) What types of readers would most enjoy your work? 

Readers who would most enjoy my work are those with a passion for Romanticism, Gnosticism, Paganism and anyone interested in diving deep into the archetypes of Hindu, Greek and Viking myth and lore - especially as regards the individual and/or collective awakening of the Goddess or the Divine Feminine.

4) What do you hope that readers take away from your work?

I would hope that the readers will be inspired enough by my writing to explore the themes in greater detail and find a place to live out some of the ideas and practises out in their lives. My book is about the initiation of six women, the Siren Muses of my story and their rite of passage into the Wisdom of humanities collective Memory and the mysteries of the World Soul of Gaia or Mother Earth. It is one of the goals of the book that the reader undergo a similar initiation and rite of passage in their own lives!

5) Who is your favorite fictional character? 

My favourite fictional character is probably Lilith Le Fey from Dion Fortune's amazing Qabalistic novel "Moon Magic". In many ways Moon Magic started me on my inner magical journey which led me to Blake, Macdonald and loads of other poets and mystics.

6) How would you describe your writing style?

My Writing Style is a hybrid cross between Romanticism, the Epic, the Gothic and Magic Realism. It is a style which both looks forward as well as back into the various genres of our collective cultural memory and literary past. Due to the mix of writing styles Mooniana is sometimes a bit challenging to read, especially for those who don't have much background in these areas. But at the same time I wanted to be totally faithful to the Magical World of my heroines, so it was necessary for me to get as far away as possible from the predictable themes, characters and literary style of the Hollywood script novel. And I have certainly done that!

7) What’s your ultimate writing goal? 

My writing goal is to write to my full creative potential and find as many readers as possible who are interested in digging deep into our collective cultural memory and finding as many of those strange and murky stories as possible. As Oscar Wilde once said those who go beneath the surface do so at their own peril. At the same time, the deeper you go the more treasures of Wisdom and Gnosis you will find. In this book Mooniana, I think I have found quite a few and I want to continue digging until I find even more