Mad Men

Tales From a Mad Man's Wife

Tales From a Mad Man's Wife - Marilyn Miller Skylar

The title itself was enough to pique my husband and I's interest. Even if my husband didn't love the show Mad Men (which he does), he's a marketer -- through and through. We spend much of our "free time" working on various marketing projects and he's always learning new techniques and methods to help his clients (including myself) with their marketing needs. 

To say that Marilyn and David lived life to the fullest would be an understatement. David's job led them through some exciting times and they met many fascinating people. It sounds as if it were all a bit of a whirlwind. 

I got a sense that Marilyn admired her husband very much and that admiration came through the text and seemed to inspire me as well.

I also appreciated the different viewpoint of the era. The tv show Mad Men paints a bit of a darker image than Skylar does. And I very much liked seeing the more family oriented perspective. 

Tales From a Mad Man's Wife is entertaining and charming -- a very delightful read. I recommend it as it will give you a better understanding of the time period and what the life of a Mad Man was truly like.