Denis Hearn

Claddagh Pool

Claddagh Pool - Denis Hearn

I would like to start by saying that I struggle with suspenseful novels. I am prone to anxiety and constantly worry about characters and the outcome of the plot. However, with the growing relationship between Conor and Anne, and the beautiful imagery of Ireland that Hearn incorporated into Claddagh Pool, I found myself very much enjoying this book. 

I think the relationship between Conor and Anne was very interesting -- mostly because I've never seen a book where a detective and a journalist successfully pair a loving relationship with a working relationship. Anne never pushes Conor for information that he cannot provide and Conor is respectful of Anne's motives and her interviewing capabilities and opinions. Their relationship manages to not get in the way of the investigation. I found that incredibly refreshing and it gave me some breathing room between the suspenseful investigation scenes. 

Without giving away any spoilers, I felt like the ending was appropriate and justified. I was neither disappointed nor incredibly happy/content. 

The writing is very smooth and the characters are well developed. I enjoyed reading this work and look forward to more by this author. 

Some Bio Information

Denis Hearn was born in Wexford, Ireland and educated at Blackrock College Dublin and St. Peter’s College Wexford. He comes from a literary family which includes editors, reporters and historians. He currently divides his time between Ireland and Atlanta, Georgia. His second book “Bagger Island,” is now in final edit.


1.     What do you consider to be the most difficult part of the writing process?

Editing and re-writing.
2.     Why did you want to become a writer?

I like to express myself in words and bring characters to life in a great story.
3.     How much research did this book require?

At least nine months.
4.     Can you describe your favorite place?

In Claddagh Pool? It would be Connemara.
5.     What would you like your readers to take away from this book?

How the innocence of youth can be taken away by evil people. Even if they live in a beautiful place.
6.     Who’s your favorite author?

David Baldacci. Patricia Cornwell, John Banville.
7.     What’s your ultimate writing goal?

To write more and create a following of readers.

Stone Journey

 What is it, Anu?
This water pouring across the plain
 Of Desmond to the sea.
Down the limestone steps of karsted hills.
Through furrowed fields and into the wild Atlantic’s glare,
Below the sculpted cliffs of Clare.
Rushing now with meter in our steps.
Gunneling. Running, and forever onward.
Why me? Why did you love me back there?
Why did you hide our passion in your shawl?
Why did we venture into the race?
Water and the speed of foam still fill our space.
What made us one within our wetness?
Ferdiad, and the hounds of love
Came bounding out of me and down the craggy slope.
I made it there with you.
We thunder downward and pour out into the plain below.
Anu and I, loins locked together within the flow.
Karsts bear hard around us. They crack and crumble.
Crushing anything that ventures in their space.
But we have courage. We have the inner power
Of mystery with the magic, now dark within the glens.
Together we take this solid sight,
And outpour each other in the stony forms of our delight.
  Denis Hearn 2013