Cobus Vermeulen

Herbert's Hat

Herbert's Hat - Cobus Vermeulen

Young adult literature is a difficult genre to write. Finding a happy medium between a main character who is human and capable of erring and a main character who helps teach a valuable lesson to young readers is vitally important. 

In Herbert's Hat, you have two (at least to begin with) strong characters in Timmy and Herbert. While they find themselves in a new situation that doesn't make sense, they both rise to the occasion and face the danger and confusion boldly. 

While I enjoyed seeing the comparison of Timmy's reaction to that of his parents, I found the parents' reactions irritating at times. In fantastic stories like this, parents tend to be "too grown up," which I completely understand. As we grow up, we lose our childish imagination. 

Regardless, I enjoyed this cute young adult story. It had excitement, beautiful elements of fantasy, and a tinge of sweet innocent romance. Very adorable!

Some Bio Information

Cobus had been Dreaming a verity of Strange, Weird and Crazy things since Childhood.
Only when he reached the last Year of High School, did he actively started to write down all the ideas OR rather, the various which he’d been fast enough to write down.
He took his Mother’s Old Typewriter hostage and for the first time used a mechanical “Pen” in writing his stories down. Now since then he’d finished a mired of Short Stories in Afrikaans and English as well as a good volume of Book. Herbert’s Hat is only the Frist Book in the six book series. At the tender age of 40, Cobus has still a great deal more to Write AND even more so to learn about life as well as the various people in it around him…


1.    When did you decide you wanted to become an author?

Writing is a Life-Long passion. It’s not something that I choose to do. The only thing was, getting to the point of Understanding how best in getting my Ideas, Thoughts and Stories out of my Mind. Having started on plain paper, then Progressed in Annexed my Mother’s Typewriter and then Many Years later, working on the Computer. But there’s FAR too many Ideas running around in my Mind not to have Ever Not have become a Writer, Author, Novelist…

2.    Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes to me. I’m like many other people I suspect, struggling to sleep at night. This as far as the comparison goes, Seeing that my Sub-conscious work Constantly. Not saying that Other’s don’t do the same, BUT the difference is this – I have in the past heard, seen or read something interesting. Later on, my Mind makes the Connection between Possibly three or so, Totally Unrelated items, thoughts, facts and before I know it – Boom, there’s something really Cool which hits me… Not My inspiration, My blessing!

3.    Would you rather live in Timmy’s world or Herbert’s world?

As I have created OR wondered through the world of Herbert – I live in Timmy’s World and thus, Have a connection between the World of Reality and Imagination… I actually Live and Dream in both of them. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have the Inspiration for whatever I’m a Witness in creating, if I’d ONLY lived in one world AND not Enjoy the Brilliance of this World of Imagination. I cannot Ever hope to bring Forth the Ideas, Thoughts and Stories from One to the Other, If they do not walk hand-in-hand together and With me included.

4.    Describe the perfect writing environment.

There’s Absolutely no such thing. As with Writer’s Block, which I do not believe in either.
The Perfect environment, would be the Writer’s willingness in working. I will say, the Less distractions, the better. But then, if You’ve got none – the writer’s Own thoughts or lack of Preparation to the work to be written can Also be the hampering effect for work not be done.
Einstein’s theory of Relativity, You can be in the Worst place, Problems, Life and whichever – if you KNOW what you need be doing; You would do what you can in getting that done.

Then as well, if you can get the Environment as best possible. Music to listen to in the background, no matter what plays, As soon as it’s horrible I will change the song. No One around me, asking or requiring my time will be Great! Something to drink, OR making myself some Coffee – as a break can be as helpful. Part of a Movie to help the mind into another gear.
BUT most Importantly between all of this, Having the TIME to actually work on the Specific Project in even more Important! 

5.    Can you tell us a little bit about your writing procedure?

When as I mentioned above, get the Idea – I’ve ONLY gotten the Main Character. I know who that is. I know what the Mission or Idea or the Story is about. I also Know who the main Opposing Character is. On a scale from A to Z, there’s TWO characters – if I’m lucky more than two. The Ending as to who the Story or Book or whichever Concludes.

Between all of that, I’ve got no idea. I do not even have a Story-Line; which I’ve only used THREE times in getting my work done OR Lost work, caught-up with again. Every Other part of the Book, Story or Process I have to get along the way. Depends on what I write about, I have a General idea what Direction of Research I have to do as well. Going through this process is the PROCESS in which I work. Very Hard at most times and Yet, as I mentioned; I literarily go on the Ride, Journey, Adventure with the Characters to see what will happen along the way…

6.    Is Timmy’s adventure over?

No, Timmy’s Adventures with the books, World Of Imagination Series had ONLY begun.
At the time while I was working on Editing Book ONE, I have the Idea and Thought for books Five and Six come to me. And Yet, after Six, I suspect that the Series would be finished…
I’ve got a Great Deal more to do.

7.    What is your ultimate writing goal?

Working at it Full-time. Not worried about a Paycheck because of the Books. A movie or Two… Then as well, Traveling the World here and there would Also be Right Up There…