Celtic Treasure

Celtic Treasure

Celtic Treasure - D.C. Johnston

I love a good treasure hunt. I enjoy watching documentaries and TV shows on the subject. It's the history behind the mysteries, as well as the mystery itself, that intrigues me. I appreciate it when authors include a rich and detailed background to support their writing (regardless of if it's fictional or not). 

Celtic Treasure is the story of what can happen when you go treasure hunting and alert a few too many people as to your intentions. There's always some aspect of danger when treasure and money are involved. 

The plot is suspenseful and well thought out. However, with the onslaught of information presented and all the twists and turns within the plot, I did get lost a few times. But overall this was an enjoyable and exciting book. 



Some Bio Information



Born in 1958, DC Johnston graduated from Purdue University with degrees in PR and Radio and TV. Being an avid reader and story writer since childhood has helped him to recently create the riveting Mick Scott Adventure Series. DC Johnston is the father of two sons, three stepsons, and two stepdaughters. He resides in AZ with his wife and youngest stepdaughter and two Golden Retrievers.


1. Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process? 

Research, research and more research.  Once I have identified the main topic and storyline, the process of rounding out the story begins.  I like to start with developing a list of characters and their profiles.  As the research progresses, sometimes the storyline changes to make it flow more easily.  I strive to create a story that is believable, exciting, engaging, fast moving and fun.  I want my readers to enjoy the Mick Scott Adventure series and look forward to the next release.

2. What inspired you to write this book?

I had thought about writing different types of books many times in my life, but never started the process.  As a fan of action adventure books, I became interested in the common theme I saw across many different stories.  I began to explore how different writers tell their stories and that led to me wanting to write my first book.

My next step was to identify the theme of my book.  As I researched lost treasures around the world, I came across the story of two men finding a horde of 2,000 year old coins off the coast of France in 2012.  The rest of the story became, “Celtic Treasure”.

3. What does your perfect writing environment look like to you?

A quiet environment is the best for me, but I have also written chapters while waiting on a plane in a busy airport.  My ideal location is the pool.  Floating on a raft I can close my eyes and separate myself from the world.  I’m able to run various scenarios through my mind and then commit them to paper later in the day.  

4. What’s your least favorite part of the writing process? 

Editing is the worst part.  No matter how well I scan the document or how many times I read it, I find it difficult to identify my own mistake.  I believe that this part of the process should be left to professional editors that have a keen eye. 

5. Describe your writing style.

I like to blend actual historical events and places throughout my stories.  Using real events and places allows me create a story that captures my reader’s attention and allows them to more closely identify with the characters.  Conducting abundant research, creating detailed character profiles and developing a fast moving plot are some of my keystones in writing.

6. What’s your favorite scene in Celtic Treasure?

One of my favorite scenes involves professor Paul Brinkerman meeting his childhood friend, Mario Sargusi, after 30 years.  Mario has strong ties to the mob in NY and Brinkerman is not sure if meeting him to discuss a “business arrangement” was such a good idea.

7. What’s your ultimate writing goal?

I’m currently working on the second book of the Mick Scott Adventure series, “Sacred Gold”.  It’s a story about the Lost Dutchman Mine located east of Phoenix in Arizona.  I’m also in the primary research stages for a sunken treasure mystery which takes place off the coast of Belize.  I plan to continue writing at least one Mick Scott Adventure book per year with the ultimate goal of writing full time.