Bb Wynter

The Lament of Sky

The Lament of Sky - Bb Wynter

This review is going to be slightly different than the ones I've done previously. And I'm probably going to embarrass the poor girl, but since she's one of my SIA moderators, I feel that I'm within my rights. 

The Lament of Sky by Bb Wynter is the beginning of an epic journey that open minded readers won't be able to let go of. Not only does the main character go through a fun transformation as she comes to remember who she is and what she's gone through, but her innocent nature and beautiful naivety and wonder about the world around her is so much fun to watch. 

That being said, people who have not had a chance to speak with Ms. Wynter are missing out on an aspect of the story, and that is the author herself. I have never met her, but in getting to know her over the past five months through our Goodreads group, I can tell you that this book speaks loudly as to her own sweet personality, creative amusement, and hilarious sense of humor.

Ms. Wynter is an artist and that in itself places an entirely different spin on the book. She's able to manipulate words and twist scenarios to come to life in a way that many authors can't. I'm finding it hard to explain myself. But there is something quite magical about the way she combines the author side of herself and the artist side of herself to create this new fantasy world. 

Her writing is unique. It's not your normal fantasy, but if you sit back and enjoy the ride, I'm sure you'll find it well worth it.  

Some Bio Information

I’m an author and illustrator residing under the grey, morose skies of England. Being shy and quiet, I found solace and passion in the endless worlds of Fantasy.

At the moment, I’m immersing myself within paintings and sketches that give life to the realm of The Lament of Sky. I like to drink all kinds of tea and have a constant craving for honey.

I also like to spend my time reading the wonderful books of indie authors.


1. Tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to be a writer and artist. 

When I discovered they were professions that encouraged you to lose all your marbles. 

2. Who is your favorite character you’ve created so far? 

The real question is, which creation of mine is not the epitome of genius? They’re all special snowflakes. (But between you and I, there is one in particular who rubs me the wrong way. Just don’t tell him I told you).

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?

I attempted to think of a deep philosophical reply to this, but all that’s on my mind is whether I want to eat something chocolately or something spongey.  Sorry about that.

4. Who is your favorite author?

How can I name one? All the others will feel unloved.

5. What’s your least favorite part of the writing process? 

All the editing and organizing required. That’s when you discover what insanity you decided to partake in and question the meaning of your life. Wow that took a dark turn. 

6. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I’ll save those stories for when I’m famous. I’ll be sending them into magazines myself. 

7. What’s your ultimate writing goal?

To have a huge series! And also a base of readers’ crazy enough to write obscene fan fiction that I will secretly enjoy and participate in myself under an obvious nickname.

Fun Questions

8. Can you tell us a bit about your love of Fabio?

How can someone not love the masterpiece which are those glistening nipples?  

9. You’re stranded on an island. Would you rather have tea or honey? You can’t have both. 

Is there a pistol nearby? 

10. You've been accredited with the invention of the phrase "Muffle Duffle." What inspired you to create the phrase? Will you be trademarking it?

I fear the secret society of Muffle Duffles might corner me in a dark alley if I were to speak of this. That’s right, I know nothing.