The Chosen (Tales of the Ablockalypse Part 1)

The Chosen - David H. Scott

I love going into a book with no expectations and being completely blown away. That's why I tend to not read through the summary prior to starting the book. I love going into books blind, with as little bias as possible. 

While I have heard of Minecraft, I know nothing about it. I just see the figures for sale at my local record/movie store and see some occasional memes online. 

This book is cute, charming, entertaining, and is extremely well written. It reads quickly and I had no problems finishing it in one sitting (which is always a plus for me as my 2 year old son is quite demanding). 

I think my favorite moment was the very end of the book: right as I was saying to myself "Hey, what about. . ." the author answered my question for me -- as if perfectly timed. 

Great book! I highly recommend it!

Some Bio Information

David H. Scott was born in Orangeville, Ontario in 2002. He has lived all of his life in this small town northwest of Toronto and is very active in the community. His interests include martial arts, Lego building, computer programming, video games, music, and geocaching. 

He has been writing short stories, short scripts, and game stories since he was eight years old. The Chosen is his first published novel and the first book in the Tales of the Ablockalypse trilogy.


1. I’m unfamiliar with Minecraft (I have heard of it). . .can you give us a brief summary? 

Minecraft is a very popular video game that takes place in a world of cubes. Players can farm plants or animals, mine for different kinds of building materials, craft tools and weapons, fight other players or monsters, or build monuments, gadgets and structures; but it's a different sort of game from most. It doesn't have a story or an objective. The player decides what the game is about, how to play, and what the goal of the game is, which is what makes it unique, and in my opinion, fun. 

2. What prompted you to write this book? 

Inside the Minecraft game there are actually books that you can create and write in. My friend was making a library inside a server we both played on, and I thought it would be fun to fill it with books, so I started writing.

After I filled a few of those books, though, I realized that this was not the best place to write anything. Each book only had 50 very small pages, and there was no way to edit what I had written earlier. The only way to change something was to delete everything that came after and then re-type from the correction.

So, I started writing in Google Docs, with the plan that I would eventually put the story back into those Minecraft books, but at some point I realized the story was becoming something way bigger. Along the way, I let my mom read what I had written, and she thought it was really good. She told me that if I finished it, she'd help me figure out how to get it published as a paperback, which I thought was much cooler than just putting it inside the game.

3. What’s your favorite part of the writing process? 

I like coming up with a story and working out how all the pieces of the plot and the characters will fit together.  Short stories are easy in that way... there are fewer characters and only one thing happening.  A novel is more like a jigsaw puzzle with lots of action and characters that need to mesh together into a whole picture that makes sense. That's probably the most fun part of the process for me.

4. What’s the perfect writing environment? 

It don't know that there is a perfect writing environment. Sometimes there isn't one at all. If I'm feeling inspired, I can write anywhere, if I'm not, I have to force myself to get the words out, no matter how ideal the environment is for writing .

I wrote most of The Chosen sitting on the floor of the living room of my mom's house, with just my laptop and a blank wall in front of me. I've written most of my second book so far sitting in a big leather chair with my dog squished in beside me. As the weather gets better, I'm thinking I might try writing at a picnic table at the park. As long as I can keep from being too distracted, I think just about any place is fine.

5. Describe your favorite place? 

I'm sort of a home-body. I like hanging out at home with my friends, or even just alone with a book. Other than home, my favorite place is the dojo where I study karate and jiu jitsu. It's a really great environment, and the people I've trained with for years have become like family. They have all been incredibly supportive of me and my book, and I really appreciate that too.

6. (If I’m reading your bio correctly) You’ve successfully published a book BEFORE graduating high school! Now what?

I'm turning 13 in August, and my immediate goal is to have two books done by then. I am hoping to get the third book in The Tales of the Ablockalypse series done during November's NaNoWriMo, and then I will move on to some of the other book and story ideas that I've been scribbling down in my notebooks.

7. What’s your ultimate writing goal? 

I don't really know. I like writing, and at this point I think I'd love to make a career of it, but I don't know if that will happen. I do know that I want to pursue some sort of creative job, but whether that's writing novels, or making movies, or video games, or dealing with some media not yet invented, I'm not sure.

For now, I will keep writing novels and short stories and improving my writing and storytelling skills. I don't think I can stop, actually. I've got so many plot and character ideas that I really want to write... mostly because I need to figure out how the stories play out. Not writing them would be like not reading the last chapter of a whodunit.