Angels Three Five

Angels Three Five - Don Candy

While military thrillers don't usually find their way onto my reading list, I love the change to expand my reading horizons and challenge myself with a genre that I don't normally read. 

I often find that military thrillers are written for people in the military. The lingo, abbreviations, codes, etc. often go over my head and leave me feeling like I'm missing out on a huge aspect of the plot. 

Fortunately, Don Candy has written Angels Three Five with easy to read prose that answered all of my questions regarding lingo and other military terminology before I even had a chance to mentally ask the question!

In addition, the characters were incredibly well developed and I had no trouble forming attachments to them. It all seemed very realistic and plausible, which also made it a terrifying and eye-opening read. 

If you're a fan of military thrillers, I definitely recommend Angels Three Five. And if you're just looking to test the waters a bit, this is a great book to start with. I never felt lost or as though the author was speaking over my head. It was a highly enjoyable read. 

Some Bio Information

Engineer, commercial pilot, flight instructor, sailing instructor and retired CEO, Don Candy led a life of adventure. His life experiences and his respect and admiration for the U.S. Special Forces led to this book, the first in his series of Sam McKensie novels. He, his wife Karan, their son Stephen and daughter Sara and their four grandchildren enjoy traveling, sailing, skiing, and water sports. 


1. Tell us a little about what inspired you to write this book.

Angels Three Five was inspired by my love for Special Forces thrillers; the Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts, genre. And my life as an engineer, pilot and sailor. A35 is the first of three Sam McKensie Novels and contains many of my life’s experiences. The next book, Dawn’s Early Light, now about half complete, will contain much less of my life and much more of my imagination.

2. How long did it take you to put your work together?

A35 took me a year to write and six months to edit. I intend to complete the next book in less than a year, and the third in less than that.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process?

I have a busy life with not nearly enough time to devote to my writing, so I spend much more time than I should having to review what I’ve already done to be sure everything fits and this is what I like least about my writing process. I tend to be very chronological with only a few flash-backs. I cherish the opportunities to work through several chapters without interruptions.

4. How would you describe your writing style?

I tend to structure my work much like James Patterson; several intertwining but related stories leading to one or more false climaxes before the finale with short to medium length chapters.

5. What is your ultimate writing goal?

My goal as a writer at this point is to finish the trilogy I have started and make the books successful.

6. What would you like readers to take away from your work?

I want my reader to enjoy my writing and come away with an appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication of our country’s Special Forces and for the technical savvy, innovation and effort of those in the background who develop the systems and equipment that help keep them safe.