Out of the Bubble

Out of the Bubble - Shelby McGrath Myers

To say that this book tugged at my heart strings would be an understatement. It takes a lot of courage for someone who's gone through a traumatic event to decide to put pen to paper and share their experience with the world. Even more so when that traumatic event involves a child. 

Shelby is sharing what she's learned with the world and as a parent of a child who has been hospitalized, I thank her for that. Knowing you're not alone in your experiences helps tremendously. 

Her experiences are written out well and hold nothing back. 

I have to be honest that I'm struggling to write this review. This is not the type of book that one should judge on quality or plot. Consider this an informational resource. Her goals are not to tell a story for entertainment, but instead she's determined to shed light on epilepsy and to further research on the subject. 

So I really just want to thank her for sharing her story. 

Some Bio Information

Shelby McGrath Myers is the mother of 5 children and has been married since 1992. She is the author of, "Out of the Bubble," which is her memoir and first published work.  She is the founder and continues in the capacity of Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Clayton's Hope Organization, a non-profit which raises awareness and funding for Epilepsy research.

In 2012, she was named the Epilepsy Advocate of the Year by the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey/Family Resource Network. She was nominated to the State of New Jersey Epilepsy Task force and elected chair in 2011. She was reelected chair in 2013. She is employed as a Patient Liaison for a medical equipment/Home Nursing company specializing in transitioning medically fragile pediatric patients from hospitals to their home.


1.  Out of the Bubble is a very personal story- it must have been cathartic for you to write it all down?

Actually no - I am asked that quite often, but it is the exact opposite.  I learned the need for our story to be told through my full time position as a Patient Liaison (I transition home medically fragile children from hospital to home).  

So many families are struggling with the psychological, as well as, the medical issues of their childrens' illnesses- I wanted them to know that another has walked in their shoes.  Also, that the medical professionals would have an inside look at the life of a family within their care.

But, reliving it while writing the memoir, was almost harder then actually living - I was no longer numb and on autopilot.  While writing I was feeling every emotion and, this time, knew the ending.

2. I understand you have an organization, can you tell me about it?

"Clayton's Hope Organization", www.claytonshope.org, is my lifeline at times, as well as, a part of my son that will forever live on.  When I am missing him terribly, I have the ability to do work in his name- that is his gift to me, besides the honor of forever being his Mommy. I began the organization in 2006 in our home, on my laptop - with a dream.  Now, our organization is worldwide and has accomplished some amazing things!  

We have donated over $100,000 to Epilepsy Research, as well as, providing support and awareness for those living with the effects of Epilepsy.  Most recently, the first ever Epilepsy research laboratory at CHOP was established- due in part to our donations.  Our entire family is involved with the organization, as well as, countless individuals which aide and support us.  I wish the everyone would check out our website; see what we have accomplished; how they can make a difference.  

Mostly, I hope that the general public realizes that Clayton is not an exception- Epilepsy is a reality.  We were the normal, typical family and Clay was a healthy happy 6 year old little boy- this can happen to anyone.

3.  Do you think that we will ever see you write another book?

I am not sure, maybe, although it would have to be another non-fiction topic that is close to my heart.  I don't consider myself an author; moreso, a mother with a story that could help others.