The Fugazi of Room 39

The Fugazi of Room 39 - M.K. Cathcart

Talk about a mind bending trip. 

The Fugazi of Room 39 presents you with a man, his wife, and the world in which they live in, only to immediately begin tilting it, ever so slightly at first, so that by the end of the book you're not sure if you're completely upside down or back where you started. 

As Nolan begins to unravel the mystery of his world, the plot moves quickly and continues to throw new information at you, but I never found it hard to keep up. 

The ending left me with many more questions than answers. I'm excited by the numerous possibilities of where this series could go and I'm anxious to see what Cathcart has in store for Room 39. 

Overall this is a suspenseful plot that toys with the notion we all occasionally have: that things are not as they seem in the world around us. Quite an enjoyable read. 

Some Bio Information

M. K. Cathcart was born in 1986 in Newcastle, England. He lives with his wife and dog. He enjoys writing, reading, painting, drawing and collecting. The Fugazi of Room 39 is his first novel and the first in the 'Room 39' series of books.


1. What inspired you to write this book? 

All I remember is I had an idea I jotted down in the front page of a notebook. I don't think I had any one event or any one thing that made me think, I've got to write this book.  I just started from one idea on one page and kept it going from there.

2. Can you describe your writing process? 

I spent 4 or 5 weeks planning the book with as much detail as I could so I could write whenever I had spare time. I would write on my days off, before work, after work and even on my breaks when I was at work. 

3. What’s your favorite scene in The Fugazi of Room 39?

Without going in to too much detail I loved the scene where the 2 policemen are looking for Nolan. Writing that scene with his emotions and actions was by far the most fun to write and I think one of the best to read back.

4. What would you like your readers to take away from your work? 

Anything they can. I would rather somebody reading the book gets their own thing from the story than something I wanted them to get from it. Positive or negative, if they felt something from it then I feel like I did something right. 

5. Describe the perfect writing environment. 

Anywhere with a laptop and no internet. Procrastination and distractions were the hardest thing to get away from. 

6. Who is your favorite author?

I love Philip K Dick's ideas and Cormac McCarthy's style. Both very different and both amazing in their own ways. 

7. What’s your ultimate writing goal?

Before I started writing, The Fugazi of Room 39, I told myself all I wanted to do was finish it and get it out there. I've done that, now anything else is a bonus.