Heartburn: The Dream

Heartburn: The Dream - M.C. Hekim

Have you ever read a book that stopped you dead in your tracks? And I don't mean the type of book that you're forced to read in one sitting because you can't tear yourself away from the pages. I mean a book that you continue to attempt to process for hours, days, or even weeks after reading it. One that you have a hard time moving on from. 

Heartburn: The Dream is that book for me. 

Trying to sum up the plot would be near impossible. I went into it knowing very little about what I was going to read and that really heightened the experience for me. 

The writing is very well done. The plot was quick paced and kept me guessing. And I'm still not sure what to make of the ending. I'm still left with a bit of the "What Just Happened?" feeling. 

So, to sum up, great book, but don't read it if you're looking for a quick read. Be prepared to really dig in and then spend some time thinking about it. 

Some Bio Information

I’m a Molecular Biologist and Geneticist. Due to Asperger’s syndrome, I’m a quiet, unsocial, reserved person who acts cold towards people and hence has a difficulty to obtain friends. Well, the books are the best friends of a lonely person and I love them.


1. Can you tell us a little bit about what prompted you to write this story? 

I just came up with it out of nowhere. I believe many ideas I developed over the years merged into one all of a sudden. It really excited me and I decided to put it on paper and pursue a writing career.

2. What’s your least favorite part of the writing process? 


3. Do you often get this response: “What. . .just. . .happened?”

I believe that’s the reaction of every single reader. The story is quite extraordinary both in terms of the ways it handles time travel and romance which surprises the audience over and over. Yet, it comes off to be believable. This is the greatest strength.

4. What would you like readers to take away from your book?

If time travel ever gets invented, hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and hide yo husband.

5. What does this book say about you? 

That I’m a sick b******, capable of thinking unthinkable things and you should stay away from me.

6. Who is your favorite author? 

The answer of this question changes very frequently but my most recent favorite is George R. R. Martin.

7. What’s your ultimate writing goal? 

Over the last few months the publishing and marketing process actually discouraged me from writing. I would love to keep going and write sequels which were all planned of, but I’m taking a break and working on other creative projects for now. Maybe one day I’ll completely quit or return back to writing. Who knows?