The Cemetery Sleeper

The Cemetery Sleeper - Susan Griner

The Cemetery Sleeper is the story of a young boy who is having difficulties moving on after a tragedy in his life. It's because of this that he comes to believe that he's being haunted by an unfriendly ghost. 

I started feeling bad for poor Freddy pretty quickly after beginning the book. Regardless of his bad luck in life, he's mostly able to keep his spirits up. I don't really see him moping a lot throughout this book, as one would think a child in this situation might. It gave him an added dimension to show his maturity and his level of understanding about the situation that he was in. He adapts as best he can instead of sitting down to complain about how he wishes things would be. 

I truthfully did not see the end coming. While Freddy seems convinced that he knows what Tump wants with him, he really has no idea. And even the development of Tump's character in such a short amount of time is impressive. 

This is a cute YA book that I definitely enjoyed reading. I can see my son enjoying this when he gets a little older. 

Some Bio Information

Susan Griner is an author of children's fiction. She has writen short stories and poetry for both Cricket and Babybug magazine. She is currently working on a YA novel set along the Silk Road. She lives in Washington state, but her southern roots have influenced her writing.


1. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to write this book?

An acquaintance told me about her father and how he had no name when he was little so he took one from a tombstone. I decided to write a story about the man buried under the tombstone and how he felt about having his name being stolen. He begins to haunt the person who stole his name.

2. Was there a deciding moment in your life when you realized you wanted to be an author?

I loved James Herriot’s books about his life as a veterinarian and wanted to be a vet too. When I realized how much science was involved in getting a degree I decided I’d write fictional stories about being a vet instead. 

3. Can you describe your writing process a bit?

I’m not an outline kinda of gal. I usually get a concept I’m keen about and then I figure out the characters. I revise a lot to build layers for my characters. I like to get input from readers when I’ve got a solid draft and revise again. 

4. What’s your least favorite part of the writing process?

Trying to figure out if I have a viable story. Is it worth pursuing? Is it a short story and not a novel?

5. Who is your favorite author?

I read a lot of children’s books so one of my favorite authors is Ruth White. Her melancholy stories, like Belle Prater’s Boy, are set in the south where I grew up. 
6. Describe your favorite place.

Any place where I can get a view of Mount Rainier.

7. What does your book say about you?

That I’m curious about ghosts and whether they exist or if they are trapped sorrows we create.