Pawned Queen

Pawned Queen - S.K. Thomas 

When her friend goes missing, Melissa and her husband decide to pull out all the stops to find out what happened to her. 

And I have to be honest, she goes farther than I would ever be willing to go. She not only risks her own life, but faces her deep fear of being controlled by the man she believes has harmed her friend. 

I really questioned John's motives throughout the book. Even though Melissa expresses her reservations, he pushes her to jump in, seemingly not the slightest bit worried about what will happen to her. If Melissa had been a butt kicking strong female lead who wasn't scared of anything or anyone, it might have made more sense. I'm used to the females in these types of books being strong headed. But Melissa seems timid and frightened the entire time. I suppose that just goes to show how desperate she is to find her friend. 

The twist ending is great and I enjoyed how the game played out. 

Some Bio Information

My life has consisted of helping others while traveling and discovering all life had to offer. I'm unique and that one of a kind person who takes life experiences to a new level. I incorporate that attitude and belief into my writing. I have published two books in my Pawned Queen Thriller Series, "Pawned Queen & Transcending Queen" while residing in California. Currently, I am working on the 3rd novella in the series.


1. Who is your favorite author? 

I like all different authors and genres. I tend to really appreciate the struggling or starving writer because their work comes from the heart and soul of who they are, somewhere in the depths of their struggles.

2. Which character do you relate to the most? 

I relate to them all, each one is just as important as the other. They all come together to make the story that I am telling. 

3. Can you tell us a bit about the development of Melissa’s character? 

Melissa came from a difficult childhood leaving her susceptible to people willing to take advantage of her. She needs someone to take care of her and show her how to survive in the real world. She confuses control as love and decides at least their paying attention to her, right? In the end, she realizes that the kind of attention from these people she fell in with is not really love. Her character develops more in the 2nd book for the series, Transcending Queen, as quite a few questions get answered and in the 3rd novella for the series I am currently writing, she transitions even more. 

4. Describe your favorite place.

My favorite place is wherever I’m at in that particular moment. I am very mindful with my time and energy, getting the most out of every day.

5. What’s your ultimate writing goal? 

As a writer, I am always looking to practice, push my creativity farther and hone my craft.

6. Where you do draw your inspiration? 

Honesty, inspiration comes from everywhere. It comes from ideas, dreams, real life, living your own trials, watching others and their inspiring stories, history. I cannot emphasize enough that inspiration will come from the most outrageous and awkward of places.

7. Do you think John really loved Melissa? 

I like to think so, yes absolutely. When people come together and have those toxic tendencies in their personality, they tend to desperately hold onto each other no matter what. Even when situations spin out of control and when they know they should let go, but they just can’t. In John’s case, even though he loves Melissa; his affair with money, greed and control tends to get in the way.