Something Nice - 10 Stories

I recently read Something Nice – 10 Stories by Andrew K. Lawston.

This book is a collection of unconnected short stories. While they seem a bit disjointed at first, once I reached the third short story, I began to get into the flow a little better. At this point, I retraced my steps and started back at the beginning, and got much more out of the stories than I had the first time around.

These short stories are extremely well written. Since they are short, you are immediately thrown into the plot, at times completely unaware of what is going on. But each time I started a new story, I was hooked from the first paragraph!

The stories are all unique and a little disturbing, which is a genre that I particularly enjoy. There's something fascinating and thrilling about delving into a story and knowing that no matter what initial assumptions you make about that story, the ending might completely throw you for a loop!

Lawston did a fantastic job with these short stories. I was pleasantly surprised with each of them. I also got a kick out of his ending note on why he titled the book "Something Nice." I definitely loved the inside joke.

To get your own copy, follow this link.

And here’s a bit of bio information, which his permission, of course.

Andrew K Lawston lives in London with a small black cat. He trained as a French teacher, but ran away to London to work in magazine advertising and publishing. He studied in Birmingham and Bordeaux, and so he loves balti curries and fine wine. In that order.

When not writing silly stories and translating classics of French literature, Andrew is also a keen actor in community theatre groups, and will direct his first pantomime in Winter 2014. He also has some short stories coming out in professional anthologies. At some point. He's given up asking when.