The Calypsis Project

I just finished reading The Calypsis Project by Brittany M. Willows.

This is an extremely well put together and detailed science fiction project. I say project because it seems to be so much more than a mere book. The author has not only created another world for humans to live on, but she's also created multiple alien life forms, as well as their home planets.

I was drawn in by the plot and characters fairly quickly, however, I had a hard time latching on to one character as my favorite. I was so caught up in what was going to happen next that I fell more in love with the suspense than I did the characters themselves.

Despite that, the characters are well rounded and incredibly human (even the alien ones), combining some poor decision making and character flaws -- all very relatable characteristics.

It's a great read, but definitely not a short one! I got confused several times and had to retrace my steps. But that made it quite enjoyable for me. I liked having to think my way through a book instead of simply flowing along with the plot.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of her book, follow this link.

Here’s a little bio information, with the author’s permission!

Brittany M. Willows is an author, gamer, and freelance digital artist living in rural Ontario, Canada, where she currently resides with her mother, two cats and a dog. She has been creating fictional worlds for over a decade and has a passion for science fiction, but dabbles in other genres such as fantasy and steampunk.