Augustus Baltazar

I just finished Augustus Baltazar by Neil Bursnoll.

It took me several pages to get caught up in this book. To begin with, you're not sure who's eyes you're looking through. But once I settled in to this unique style of writing, I quickly got caught up in the plot. 

Stu is a complex character that I grew extremely attached to. Even by the end of the book, I still felt that I didn't know who he really was, what his purpose is, or what his intentions are. Is he good or bad? Is there even a direct line between good or bad? I wasn't sure. 

The plot does jump around, a lot. I felt like this book covered a lot of ground. However, it's written well, and I definitely felt disappointed when I reached the end. I wanted to immediately purchase the second book and dive into it to find out what happens!

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Here is some biographical information, with the author's permission. 

I've been writing since the age of six, and didn't get to the point of publishing until the age of 32. Augustus Baltazar took six years to write!

My full time job is as an email developer for an awesome email service provider called Adestra. I live in Oxfordshire, UK, am married and have two beautiful children.

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