With Eyes Open

I recently read With Eyes Open by Michael P. Dunn and I loved the idea behind this book! 

I've always loved books about alternate dimensions and people existing in the same space on different planes. It's always been fascinating to me. So right off the bat, this book had me hooked. 

I appreciated how Dunn throws the reader directly into what's going on. Although we have virtually no idea whose eyes we're looking through, we know that a plot is already in motion. I very much enjoyed that it got straight to the point. 

Although it's a shorter story, and I definitely wanted to read more about this world and the other beings that inhabited it besides humans, I felt satisfied with the story's ending and resolution. 

It was a great quick read!

If you want to pick up your own copy of this, follow this link!

And as always, some biographical information with the author’s permission!

I'm a veteran retail wage slave with aspirations of literary adequacy.

I was born in New York and currently live in Central Florida (aka The Land That Time Remembered). I discovered science fiction at an early age, growing up on Star Trek, Lost In Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Captain Scarlet and The Thunderbirds. I've always had an active imagination; I always played with the toys I got for Christmas and my birthday but I had more fun playing with the boxes. I actually started writing in 1975, putting together some truly horrendous Space:1999 fan fiction. (Emphasis on horrendous. Fortunately, all copies have been destroyed.) I started writing seriously the day after I saw Star Wars. To be honest, I wouldn't be writing today if it hadn't been for my tenth grade English teacher.