Critics VS. Enthusiasts

As I've indicated in my regular blog, this will be where I review books that I've read. 

Let me clarify myself. 


I am a book enthusiast. While I love to write, reading was always my first love. I say this like I was reading long before I was writing, but truthfully reading began in Kindergarten and Writing began in First or Second grade. 

I am not here to judge. I read books because I enjoy reading books. So if someone swaps book reviews with me, I will not judge. I will list what I enjoyed about the book, and the areas that I struggled with. But it is rare for me to not find some redeeming factor within a book. It has happened. And if it happens again, I will do as I did the first time around. I won't say a word.

As my husband can always make a situation enjoyable, I can just about always make a book enjoyable. So if you'd like me to review your book here or if you'd like to swap reviews, which I prefer as I need the Amazon and Goodreads reviews, please contact me in the Ask Ann Livi section of my website. 

The world is full of negativity and non-constructive criticism. I don't encourage that. While I also don't believe that every child should get a participation trophy (sometimes what you love is not what you're good at -- but rarely), I am not a paid critic, therefore, I will not act like one. 

Make sense? 

photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc