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While it’s true that I was the girl who got in trouble for sneaking flashlights and notebooks into my room in case of late night inspirations and that my teachers caught me writing down ideas instead of class notes while in school and college, I’m no longer that young girl. 

Early in 2015, I realized that it wasn’t enough for me to just write. I wanted to offer the help that no one offered me as an indie author several years prior. So I began a Goodreads group called Support for Indie Authors. Not even a year later and we are at 4,000 members and have a wide range of resources available for indie authors who are overwhelmed with self-publishing. I do my part by featuring Indie Authors on my blog and helping to promote their work. And I have an amazing group of moderators who are just as excited to help other indie authors as I am: Riley Westbrook, V.M. Sawh, B.B. Wynter, Christina McMullen, Dwayne Fry, GG Atcheson, Tony Deeney, Melissa Jensen, Chikamso, Ashley Capes, Missy Sheldrake, and M. Ray Holloway Jr.

My ultimate goal is to open a publishing company that offers the author more control that they’re usually given, with editing, formatting, and marketing options available. It’s a big world full of people who love to read. There’s no reason for so many wonderful authors to be buried under “more popular” authors simply because they don’t have the appropriate marketing budget. There’s no shortage of readers, so why should authors be competitive with one another? 

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